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Watch this! New single from Ed Dowie

Ed Dowie

Ed Dowie is releasing Number 8 Wire as the latest single from his new album, The Obvious I.

His second album is a pronounced evolution from Dowie’s earlier music as he adheres to Kraftwerk’s maxim about achieving the maximum emotional impact by the most minimal means.

“I first wrote this song a few years ago when I spent the summer writing a bunch of songs,” says Ed of Number 8 Wire. ”I had felt like it was going well, until one day I listened to them and decided they were all total rubbish. I decided I needed to start again, so I deleted them all, along with all of my own music from my computer to start anew.

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“This song sort of stayed with me, I’d find myself playing/singing it, so I tried lots of different versions, but ended up coming back to this first version (which I fortunately had on a backup drive!). I guess the song is about being careful not to be seduced by things that might appear to be beneficent or beneficial, but might just be your undoing. With a little side note of night time anxiety thrown in: Paranoid dyspepsia, Paranoid dyslexia, Paranoid dyspepsia”

The Obvious I was co-produced by pioneering British experimental musician and sometime member of Polar Bear ‘Leafcutter John’ Burton.

“John’s become something of a hero of mine over the years. Way back when he was in Polar Bear, I approached him after a couple of gigs, and he’d remembered me from those days. And really, his presence on the record was invaluable. He lent me equipment and gave me advice, then when I finished recording, I sent him the stems and he mixed the album.”

The Obvious I is released on the new Pete Paphides label Needle Mythology on 26th March. It comes on heavyweight vinyl pressing with a four-page insert. The CD comes with a 12-page colour booklet.

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Words by Paul Clarke, you can see his author profile here.

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