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Watch this! M. Caye Castagnetto releases new video + album news

CayePeruvian musician M. Caye Castagnetto has released their new video for the song Slippery Snakes from forthcoming album, Leap Second.

The new album from M. Caye Castagnetto will be released on the 22nd of January via Castle Face Reords. In our interview with John Dwyer from Osees last year, he promised us some great new music on his label and it sounds like M. Caye Castagnetto will be one of them.

The album from which the new song is taken combines samples and collages that Caye recorded over the previous five years, woven together to create something that feels both familiar and yet alien, earthly yet ethereal. It stumbles through unique forms of psychedelic folk, at times peering through dense hazes, while in other moments skipping lightly. Songs like Slippery Snakes feel in part like leafing through a hidden sketchbook, catching glimpses of works in progress that slowly reveal a whole picture.

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On the song, Caye gets right to the point stating: “Slippery guitars fathoming the twisty snakes of the unconscious. For the boy without a dick, and all dicks’ a-phantom”.

John Dwyer says: “A truly interesting conglomeration of loose inspirations and conjurings. A hard to decipher sound all together which makes it worth every moment. A sprinkling of Catherine Ribeiro, Dr. John, Terje Rypdal & Nico. Far out sun-soaked odysseys & moon dappled woodland night creepers.”

Check out the video for Slippery Snakes below.

Leap Second is released later this month on Castle Face Records.

Follow M. Caye Castagnetto on Bandcamp.


Words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.

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