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Watch Machine Gun Kelly And Travis Barker Perform At The 2020 AMAs

Before unveiling the teaser trailer for his upcoming Tickets To My Downfall musical Downfalls High, Machine Gun Kelly gave fans a very tiny sneak peek into the movie by unveiling the title during his American Music Awards 2020 performance.

Joined by friend, collaborator and blink-182 drummer extraordinaire Travis Barker for the two-song show, MGK performed in front of a bunch of school lockers with Downfalls High scrawled across them, referring to the name of his new musical due out in January 2021.

Then, Machine Gun Kelly moved across the stage to perform in front of Travis, with the pair perfectly executing Tickets… singles Bloody Valentine and My Ex’s Best Friend underneath a pink light show.

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Speaking to Kerrang! about his love for pop-punk and how he idolised Travis growing up, Machine Gun Kelly gushed, “I was definitely looking back at a video of me at like 10 or 11 years old, when the blink album with What’s My Age Again? – I think it was Enema Of The State – came out. I was singing the words terribly with like a pre-pubed, my-balls-have-not-dropped voice! Travis has been an idol of mine since the beginning of my… balls dropping (laughs) – aka, puberty!

“If you were to tell 11-year-old me, or 15-year-old me, that you were gonna be driving a purple Aston Martin down Sunset Strip, making The Roxy stay open, just so you can play the album that hasn’t come out yet that you just did with Travis Barker, for a bunch of… you know, taste-making kids… I don’t know. Yeah, I wouldn’t believe you – but that sounds pretty fucking awesome. And then you’re gonna wake up the next day hungover, go into the studio and just blurt out a smash? Yeah, I would be very happy to hear that.”

Watch MGK and Travis performing at the 2020 AMAs below:

Ahead of the release of Downfalls High, watch Machine Gun Kelly talk love, loss, life and the true meaning of punk rock as part of the Kerrang! Face To Face series:

Posted on November 24th 2020, 12:31pm

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