VIDEO: Alice Cooper celebrates his 73rd birthday with release of new single “Social Debris”


Alice Cooper


Happy Birthday to the legendary Alice Cooper!

At 73, he proves he is still one of the best and most relevant rock artists. In celebration, Alice has released “Social Debris” from his upcoming studio album “Detroit Stories”. To celebrate the special occasion in style, Alice Cooper has decided to offer “Social Debris” as free download for 24 hours on the artist´s website:

“The single “Social Debris” is a gift to Detroit, to my fans and to myself”, says Alice Cooper. “The track was written by the original Alice Cooper band.

We never thought that we would ever fit in; the Alice Cooper band didn’t fit in with anybody, because we were doing things that no other band did. We didn’t fit in with the folk scene, we didn’t fit in with the metal scene, we really didn’t fit in with anything that was going on at that time. We just always felt like we were outsiders. We felt like we were social debris, we were in our own little world. So “Social Debris” was just the original band writing a song about us, essentially. And it came out sounding like it belonged into 1971. That’s just the original band – you can’t change that, it’s great.”


Listen to the single “Social Debris” here



Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories


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