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Verdance ended 2020 with a sonically impressive debut EP, Rothko. Described as a dance-friendly experience, Verdance ensures his music is relatable to a range of audiences through familiar garage rhythms and driving house beats.

Stand out single, Ritual Two, is a calming, mesmerising electronic injection. With his music, Verdance hopes to engulf listeners into a cinematic world, ultimately inspired by nature. A whole four minutes and thirty seconds long, Ritual Two is a consistent single that’s driven by the comforting plucking of strings that fit perfectly alongside his futuristic soundscape.

Verdance explains, “‘Rothko’ is the beginning: Each track is a mission statement about what I want to explore sonically over the next few years. It has to be music that is powerful, visceral and exciting. It will be music that channels energy from nature, and it will bring people together.”

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Sounds like: Bonobo, Four Tet, Tycho

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