Top 5 Casino Concert Venues In Las Vegas


Las Vegas is home to some of the best casinos in the world. The top casinos have smartly transformed their businesses into global entertainment enterprises. Some of them have remodelled themselves into resorts and luxurious hotels. So, now you stay and relax at the resorts while enjoying gambling at the hotel-casino.

Most of these luxurious hotels are also venues for casino concerts which attracts some of the prominent artists. If you are not ‘IN’ only for gambling, these concerts give you a chance to have a much more rounded experience at Las Vegas.

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Here are The Top Five Casino Concerts Venues in Las Vegas

Wynn Resort

The Wynn resort is a major tourist attraction on the Vegas strip. Its skylit-art and floral-filled galleries of the casinos add to the pleasures of experiencing casino games. From large production shows to live music, no one puts on a show like them. Its frequent performer International megastar Robbie Williams loves to stay at the resort and electrifies concerts often.

Apart from him, you can see many Broadway stars, Tony-award winning singers, Emmy-award winning comedians perform here.

Grand Garden Arena – MGM

For more than 22 years, MGM hosted hundreds of events from spectacular concerts, championship fights, premier sports action, etc., and has been at the centre of media attention. It’s a truly global entertainment company, with the name synonymous with Las Vegas.

Over the years, some of the biggest names in show business like the Eagles, AC/DC, Rod Stewart and many more have taken the concerts off the charts. Its impressive repertoire continues to leave visitors spellbound with such a scale of entertainment.

The Four Seasons Mandalay Bay

The 43-storey luxury resort and casino can make you feel like you have just walked into a palace straight out of a Disney movie. It has always attracted an impressive portfolio of musicians like Yanni, rock bands like Journey, 311, and concert tours like ‘Lilith Fair’,Glee Live‘.

If you want you can also relax at its impressive spa facilities and enjoy exclusive world cuisine before, you hit the tables!

The Palazzo Venetian

This five-star, the eco-friendly venue is home to exciting nightlife and some exquisite shows and events at Las Vegas. The entertainment at Venetian with music icons like Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Steely Dan, Italy Levi, Micheal McDonald and rock bands like Chicago, ZZ Top, etc., makes it a great, alternative venue to explore at Vegas.

The Berkley

The Berkley Las Vegas resort has some prestigious performers. If you need an all-round entertainment experience, there’s no place better than it. At this modest concert venue, you can enjoy a variety of performances from Alain Nu, Tommy Wind, Brad Garrett’s comedy club, Burlesque, Circus Acts, delirious comedy shows and more.


If you want to catch the essence of Las Vegas, along with gambling, these venues can be a good start for you. So, gamble online and enjoy concerts and shows with it!

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