Luis Vasquez needed a change. The Los Angeles born composer and multi-instrumentalist felt a calling to try something bold and different from his usual post-punk/ darkwave project, The Soft Moon, and channelled his inner turmoil into a highly emotional, cinematic soundtrack  Poison Mouth, from A Body of Errors (out 15 January streaming and 26 February for physical media), is a visceral journey into a Lynchian abyss.

Sinister gasps introduce Poison Mouth, rife with relentless torment before spiraling into oblivion. The mechanized rhythms and throbbing cardiac pulse express Vasquez’s phobia with the body itself. A little Twin Peaks, a little Goblin and John Carpenter meets NIN…the inspired sounds creak, wail, screech and disarm the listener, placing them in a frightening dungeon of uncertainty and fear. The track serves as a sonic roadmap into the dark inner workings of the human psyche, delving into the struggle between good and evil, Armageddon, symphonic devastation and the post-apocalypse.

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Vasquez describes A Body Of Errors as “a collection of themes to living in the human body.” With this album, Vasquez hoped to deliver intimate self-reflection while exorcising inner demons through vulnerability, placing his notorious angst and visceral pain in the context of his own physical being. The searing result is deeply personal, yet widely compelling. One can easily imagine the visuals to the deeply expressive mechanics of the tracks, each evoking feelings of unrest, discomfort and disorientation. That said, the simple accompanying video for Poison Mouth, featuring a trip down an abandoned dirt road, serves as an ominous platform for nightmarish visions. It’s up to you to manifest them…and damn, it is good.

Listen to Poison Mouth below, and good luck on your journey.


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