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The Motovators at National Hall in Fort Worth

National Hall, April 2, 1965, from left: Dale Morgan, Terry Hungerford, Mike Langston, and Terry Fagan with Roger Young on drums.

The Capris at National Hall, April 2, 1965

Charlie Christy & Crystals, National Hall, April 2, 1965

The National Hall SPJST is located at 3316 Roberts Cut Off Rd, Fort Worth, Texas. It still exists. The Motovators played three shows here. Photos were taken at the first two shows.

April 2, 1965 – Battle-of-the-Bands with three groups I am not familiar with: the Capris, the United Sounds, and Charlie Christy & the Crystals. Emcees were Bob Allen and Bill Warren of KXOL. Lineup at this show was

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June 18, 1965 – Battle-of-the-Bands. The Motovators debuted their new stage suits. The lineup at this point was Terry Lee Hungerford, Roger Young, Mike Langston, Phil Reece on guitar, and keyboardist Jimmy Smith (or possibly Jerry Smith).

July 2, 1965 – with DJ Bill Warren for 25% of door

Thank you to Wm. Lewis Wms. and Andellyn Purvis-Hungerford for sharing Terry’s photos and band history.

Haltom High School friends at National Hall, April 2, 1965
National Hall, June 18, 1965, Roger Young (on drums), and Mike Langston with maracas
The Motovators, June 18, 1965: Phil Reece on guitar, Roger Young on drums, and keyboardist Jimmy Smith
Roger Young on drums, and keyboardist Jimmy Smith (or Jerry?)
from left: Mike Langston, Terry Hungerford, Roger Young (on drums), Phil Reece and keyboardist Jimmy

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