Given that the intersection of power pop and punk has long been my musical sweet spot, it’s no surprise that I’ve been loving the debut EP from The Linda Lindas! The L.A. foursome is described as channeling “the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today’s ears, eyes, and minds”. Comprised of two sisters, a cousin, and their close friend, The Linda Lindas inject a classic style of music with a youthful energy and point of view. But while the band members are all teens and tweens, there’s nothing gimmicky about The Linda Lindas. The group’s new EP, recently out on Bandcamp, is one of the best punk/power pop releases I’ve heard in the last couple years. The songs (all originals) are well-crafted, punchy, and absolutely infectious. This is music that will make you smile and compel you to dance – which is exactly what the world needs in these trying times. If you’ve seen The Claudia Kishi Club on Netflix, you may have already heard The Linda Lindas’ song “Claudia Kishi”. The band has released that track on Bandcamp as well. And while I know literally nothing about The Baby-Sitters Club, “Claudia Kishi” absolutely knocked me out from the first listen. Now that is some perfect punky power pop! The new EP opens with “Missing You”, a very poignant tune about what it’s like to be a kid stuck at home under quarantine. “Never Say Never”, a song about believing that life can get better even when all seems hopeless, is exactly the kind of inspiration we ought to be getting from younger generations. On a lighter side, there’s also a song about a Siamese cat. And you know I will always wholeheartedly endorse anything cat related! 

So how in the world do you wind up being influenced by music that was released 30-35 years before you were even born? In the case of The Linda Lindas, there are a couple of cool dads (Martin Wong, Carlos de la Garza) that had a hand in exposing their kids to first generation punk rock, new wave, and power pop. Eloise, Lucia, Mila, and Bela have taken those influences and created a fresh sound for a new generation. Whether you’re 9 or 90, this is a band that ought to excite you if you love pop hooks with a punk attitude!

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