The Kids release official video clip for ‘Go Back To Canberra’


The Kids


Sydney Punks THE KIDS have release a video clip for their recent single ‘Go Back To Canberra‘. The video was created with the good folks at Pinebox Clothing.

‘Go Back To Canberra’ has all the melody of a shark alarm. It’s a dogged no nonsense song, an attack ode to the bleak and oppressive landscape of Canberra. A city that undeservedly is the epicentre of Australian democracy, home of weak-willed politicians, bank rolling a nation into mediocrity.

THE KIDS have a deep commitment to creating a fast-paced sonic onslaught. Wailing vocals, unsettling and blistering guitar all steered by a manic drum beat that’s a triumph of rhythm and roadkill.

Are five, fresh faced screw ups who are taking names (although they can’t spell ) and kicking butt. The Kids are twisted and rebellious a downright scourge on humankind.

These Punk Rock musical misfits aren’t white young and privileged. They’re lobotomised foot soldiers shaping the soundtrack of Australia’s bleak backyards. The Kids through their music catalogue the burbs mundane misery and perpetual emptiness, documenting suburbia courtesy of vocal caterwauling and instrumental cacophony. It’s White Noise to drown out life’s lost cause.

In the true spirit of punk rock they produce music that’s squalid and incoherent, nothing polished perfect about these teenage defects.


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