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The Countrymen “Flare-Up!!” on Audio Adventures

Countrymen Audio Adventures 45 Flare-Up!!

The Countrymen recorded on Audio Adventures out of Piqua, Ohio, 20 miles north of Dayton in 1971. They were really a country act, but “Flare-Up!!” is a crude and bizarre song, and does sound like it was recorded in a garage.

On “Flare-Up!!”, Ron Lininger sang lead and played guitar, Harry Burd played bass and Bud Allen contributed the tambourine. Lyrics were by W.R. Lake, music by Harry Burd.

Are you ready girls?

Now there’s times I’m sorry,
You can bet your bippy,
That I ever decided to marry a long-haired hippie.

Well I like to eat,
And hold down a job,
You’d rather eat and drink and live like a slob.

I think we’re about to have a flare-up,
Let’s not have another flare-up.

If you dress like a girl,
Maybe put up your hair,
I’m sure that we could avoid another flare-up.

If you’d only wake up,
And do a little clean-up
We might avoid another flare-up.

When I need a little loving,
Tender loving care,
All I ever see is your long, black, and greasy hair.

I think we’re about to have a flare-up,
Let’s not have another flare-up.

The lyrics are basically sung twice, separated by a break where the drummer & tambourine keep the beat while Ron slides the pick down the strings.

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Countrymen Audio Adventures 45 That's Why I'm Dreaming of YouFor the country ballad “That’s Why I’m Dreaming of You”, Bud Allen sang lead, Harry Burd played steel guitar (and wrote the song), and Ron Lininger played bass.

Fred Snyder played drums on both sides.

This is a Rite Records custom pressing, 27699/27770 from Rite account number 5216.

Anyone have a photo of the group?

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