The Clockwork Oranges


Roger Cotton (lead guitar/keyboards/vocals), Robert Valentine (rhythm guitar/vocals), John Parish (drums) and Harry Blakey (bass/vocals). Thanks to Robert for the photo.

Robert Valentine (rhythm guitar/vocals)

Roger Cotton (lead guitar/keyboards/vocals)

Harry Blakey (bass/vocals)

John Parish (drums)

The Clockwork Oranges were formed in early 1964 and were based in southeast England, playing various ballrooms, clubs and dances.  When the band split up in 1967, Roger Cotton went on to join Johnny Johnson’s Bandwagon, Brothers Grimm, Peter Green’s Splinter Group, and Buddy Whittington, playing keyboards. Robert Valentine and John Parish formed The Button Hole Band. Cotton passed away in 2016 but the remaining three are still around and Valentine continues to perform.
Many thanks to Robert for providing information about the band

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