The Brexit debacle over touring the EU coupled with the total lack of support offered to many of our colleagues who are all freelance and who live tour to tour / show to show is not only appalling it is disgraceful. 

I have been warning people for years that Johnson is an evil despot and not to be fooled by the bumbling persona he portrays. Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, chief executive of UK Music, who is a former colleague of Matt Hancock, says the industry is not interested in playing the blame game or does he just not wish to upset his Tory chums. 

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From my position of nothingness, this idea of not blaming the dreadful decision not to accept the offer of visa-free touring in the EU is not only neglectful but shows the imperialist small island mindset of this Etonian led regime. This government is quick to blame the EU for anything and everything, but Jamie Njoku-Goodwin does not want to blame anyone!!

If musicians, technical crews, independent record labels, artist managers, live agents cannot get angry at these incompetent fools now then when can they ever show their rage and displeasure. Britain is a CULTURAL SUPERPOWER and this should be protected and promoted most vigorously by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.


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Oliver Dowden the so-called Culture Secretary sought to blame the EU in an NME interview, but it has also transpired that Johnson and his cabinet of all talents could or would not grasp the frictionless visa-free 90 waiver the EU offered. 

Their collective fear was that it broke the Tory manifesto commitment to end free travel. The government kept reassuring the industry not to concern themselves that frictionless travel for touring musicians was a priority, but it is more than apparent these entitled clowns have no understanding of how the live industry works. Of course, they roll out they’ve made so many millions available to the arts but how much of this went to those who truly needed it and not just to securing the future of venues which is also important. 

The government keeps referring to Mode 4 which is a World Trade Organisation ‘solution’ they think helps the touring situation. The UK attempted to negotiate the issue via the short-term business visitor category and the category for contractual service suppliers and independent professionals known as Mode 4. 

This however does not cover technical crew and falls way short of what the EU’s offer, which I believe more, of 90-day visa-free access for touring personnel. Johnson and his regime lauded their deal as delivering what the referendum voted for but in the past couple of weeks, we can see this unravel before our very eyes. The fishing industry are furious with Scottish fisherman threatening to dump rotting fish at Parliament’s door, supermarkets warning about empty shelves and our beloved greatest cultural export UK live music industry neglected and struggling. 

The corporates of the music industry, which seems to be UK music’s focus, is only about self-congratulations and boosting profits meanwhile we in the independent sector are left to struggle to survive. 

We did not fight the Punk Wars and launch the independent label sector to take on the majors for it now be taken from us by a bunch of self-entitled reactionary fools who lurch from one crisis into another.

Do you remember Red Wedge and the support for the miners? It’s a pity that the music industry is so fractured that someone cannot come up with a similar movement to hold these Tories to account.

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