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The Braats – EP Żonobijka

You know I’m always a sucker for a band with a classic ’77-style punk sound. On that note, The Braats are a newer band that have really captured my attention. Hailing from Kartuzy, Poland, The Braats play catchy ’77 punk that ought to have you pumping your fist and pogoing around your bedroom. The band just put out a digital EP called Żonobijka on Bandcamp, and I’m really digging it. You can sure tell that these guys love The Clash. I’ve got no complaints about that! The lyrics are in Polish, so I’ve got no idea what they’re singing about. But I can sure feel the energy and urgency in these four tracks. If you’re a fan of first wave punk or the 1990s ’77 revival, this band ought to be on your radar.

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