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Post-Industrial Duo Spectrograph Display Colourful visuals for “Dmbt”

Lose yourself in the repetitive drone of the proverbial machine in the new track Dmbt, from post-industrial/electronic duo Spectrograph.

The song comes off their EP,  A Giant Leap Of Faith.  Dmbt is a “post-industrial mixture of rough and mechanical textures that melt obsessive sounds with Bone’s processed avant-garde vocals, pounded by a hypnotic, claustrophobic rhythm of noir and psychotic atmospheres.

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“The idea behind the track draws inspiration from the drum programming you find in the songs from The Cure’s Disintegration, and it has a distinctive marching and mechanical rhythm which we always sort of associate with Industrial music.”

The accompanying video, directed by experimental visual artist Less Than One, is a psychedelic view of the precision of machinery. Less Than One explains:  “This track appealed to me with its relentless industrial beats and futuristic sounds. Visually I wanted to emphasise this with the repetitive movement of mechanical machinery but using colouring techniques to make it more abstract and futuristic.”

The music across the four tracks on A Giant Leap of Faith draws inspiration from various artists that influenced the duo’s musical taste: Death In June, Vatican Shadow, The Cure, and Dead Can Dance all gurgle up in the cauldron, stitched together with a distinct electronic style of production and arrangement. The result: “four imaginary remixes of original tracks that never existed,” says Spectrograph.

Formed in 2012 by electronic/dance producer and DJ Phiorio (Metroline Limited) and singer/multi-instrumentalist Virginia Bones (Geography Of The Moon), Spectrograph began when Phiorio started mixing and post-producing a number of experimental sounds and vocal lines recorded by Bones.

Watch the video for Dmbt below:

A Giant Leap Of Faith, the debut EP by Spectrograph, is out now on Depths Records.

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