PERTICONE – Underdog (2021)


Not sure how to categorize this one. Perhaps if Poison were a Christian band from the Midwest?

Martin Perticone is the Argentinian behind the band, but to my ears there is still a lot of work to do to take the next step and compete with today’s melodic rock artists.

The production and mix feel underdone and the songs are a little awkward in places as a result.

Steve Overland (FM) takes lead vocals on the opening track, but I didn’t even pick it was him such is the mix. Eric Martin takes lead vocal on two versions of the same song – a present enough acoustic driven pop rocker. After those tracks there is only 6 others to take in and while uplifting in its premise, the finished product feels like half an album. It needed more songs and a sharper sound to make an impact. And something completely different for the artwork. It looks like record for an independent rap artist.

A nice throwback to old school harmonies and a mixed acoustic/electric uptempo approach, but like I said, still a lot of work to do.

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