Perth’s The Date set to launch album #5 ‘Dating’ April 3 at The Baltimore


The Date


The Date are one of Perth’s most beloved and enduring bands. Now into their fifth album cycle, the band remain true to their ethos of ‘write for yourself but play for your fans’ on the romantically themed Dating. Like 2019’s Premeditated, Dating has been released track-by-track, with a new song landing on the last day of each month… though unlike its fiercely political predecessor, Dating is a musical celebration of love, unity, and the heartwarming journey from one to the other.

The collaboration between vocalist David Moran and guitarist Rob Susanto; The Date write as a two-piece and record as a three-piece. Wrapping warm, fuzzy guitars around a distinctive vocal delivery, the veteran songwriting duo place heavy emphasis on creating honest, expressive music. They write what they genuinely feel. Dating honours this tradition on tracks like singles  I Love You Two, Legendeering, Distant Signs and We Love (Reno Valentino) – capturing stories and experiences in a way that is personal, emotive and humane.

As they did with Premeditated, The Date split their time between studios for Dating – tracking drums at Hammerspace Studios with engineer Troy Nababan, and returning to their spiritual home of Dating 42 Studios for the other instruments. Yet again, the results speak for themselves.

Dating is both business-as-usual and a creative departure for The Date, who have a habit of never making the same record twice. While their signature sound is as present as ever, their lyrical and musical narration is more defined and crafted than on their previous albums. Less tenacious and more joyous than Premeditated, the release of Dating capped off a busy 2020 for David and Rob, as they settle into a steady release schedule backed by a solid regime of live performance year.

Fun, heartfelt and sincere, Dating captures the true essence of The Date in 12 beautiful songs that pay tribute to the most universal human experience of true love. And, as a result, it is the band’s most powerful album to date.

New album ‘Dating’ out March 26


The Date


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