Patriarchy Transforms into Drab Majesty in the Remix Video for “Burn the Witch”

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Are you ready for a gonzo journey through the themes of sex, power, subversion, and death, via the aesthetics of Ancient Greek mythology and 80s slasher films, Lynchian vibes, sounding as if it’s been thrown into a Blendjet with ABBA, NIN, and the ghost of 1970s rock hedonism?

Patriarchy has you covered. In their latest work, the focus is yanked across the River Styx into the nightmare realm of synthpunk, new wave, and industrial music. Throughout the pandemic, Patriarchy’s Actually Huizenga delved into creative connections with fellow artists and friends. By sharing her stems, the songs have grown into something exciting and magical, taking on a new life. The remixes turned out so well that Actually insisted that she make videos for the singles before the full LP release.

Each video is not only a remix of past footage pertaining to the original song’s original video, but it has new footage that either involves the remix artist directly acting in the video (like Bon Harris and Geneva Jacuzzi) or by researching and having a creative discussion with the said artist, or by references their iconic symbology.

All of the remixed songs come from the first Patriarchy album, Asking For It, released in November of 2019. The album contains remixes of Patriarchy’s work by Nitzer Ebb, S4LEM, Drab Majesty, Front Line Assembly, John Fryer, Geneva Jacuzzi, 3teeth, ADULT. & Light Asylum. Actually Huizenga describes the collection: “this bundle of precious-gem-remixes is my own fantasy-reality gathered up like a treasure in the backyard.”

Following the pounding Nitzer Ebb remix of Hell Was Full (Nitzer Ebb remix)  is a Drab Majesty tribute video for their remix of Burn The Witch. Actually reflects on its production:

“Deb Demure was not allowed to physically appear in my video, so I asked him if I could BECOME him. He said yes. I contemplated The Evolutionary Level Above Human. I went into my Grandma’s closet and found a Mandarin Chinese frog button-up shirt. In a magical self-conjured Drab trance, I discovered where he buys his wigs in Hollywood. It’s a secret. The wig looks bigger on my head because he’s about a foot taller than me.”

Watch the video for the Drab Majesty remix of “Burn the Witch” below:

Check out a Livestream event 4pm-6pm PST time (through “Patriarchy’s Bottom Of The Pops” (presented by Dublab and Restless Nites) The event is a live performance of 4 of the Remix songs, plus Interviews with Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, and a guest appearance by Geneva Jacuzzi.

Reverse Circumcision is out Jan 2021 via DERO Arcade. 

1. “I Don’t Want To Die” Geneva Jacuzzi
2. “Hell Was Full” Bon Harris (of Nitzer Ebb)
3. “Burn The Witch” Drab Majesty
4. “It Goes Fast” Second Skin
5. “He Took It Out” John Fryer (of This Mortal Coil)
6. “Sweet Piece Of Meat” Xavier Swafford (of 3TEETH)
7. “Grind Your Bones” Rhys Fulber (of Front Line Assembly)
8. “I Don’t Want To Die” Light Asylum
9. “Hell Was Full” ADULT.

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