Paige Emery Journeys Into The Subconscious With “Tangible Illusions”


Tangible Illusions
the texture of plasticity
Chills like letters
I forgot to read

Los Angeles multidisciplinary artist Paige Emery blends her background of classical fine arts with electronic and analogue instruments to weave a unique tapestry of sound and “multi sensory embodiments.” Her approach reaches for those realms beyond the confines of traditional technique, crafting outsider pop with dissonance.

Her latest track, the hypnotic, eerie Tangible Illusions, reflects upon the unconscious mind; it echoes the sensation of floating in liminal space without orientation or coming back to three-dimensional reality…or perhaps not knowing what reality exists in the first place. The choice is ours.

The accompanying self-made video, a dreamy exercise in intuition, was created with no plans in mind, filmed on her phone and a small camera on a tripod. The effect is surreal, disorienting, and incredibly isolated as she wanders the sweeping, desolate landscapes and claustrophobic canyons. One wonders where she is, if she’s safe, if she’s ever returning.

“During this submergent exploration, I ventured on spontaneous solo road trips in which I filmed myself moving around in foreign landscapes while I was simultaneously moving around in foreign landscapes in my mind,” Emery muses.

Check out her video for Tangible Illusions and her track on Bandcamp below.

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