‘Darkside’ is the powerful new single from female duo, Neoni, that kicks off with a rumbling, almost tribal rebellion of sound. With their staccato pop vocals, the track builds on top of electronic production with a thundering, intimidating nature.

Their new single is a feisty discovery of two people embracing their dark side. Neoni confront fear and vulnerability by instead saying welcome, welcome to my dark side. Mixing it up from pounding bass to fast-paced drums, Neoni talk about parts of them they cannot hide through some repetitive lyricism. The track frequently weaves into eery transitions that hold an innocent, child-like facet before erupting back into the explosive chorus.

Neoni talk about the track, “We write our music about things that scare us. We write about our moments of victory, our moments of defeat, the days we fight hard and the days we can’t seem to find the energy to go on. We write these songs and we share these vulnerabilities so we can all go out and face every day knowing that we aren’t alone in what we’re feeling and that there’s nothing we can’t overcome when we stand together”

Sounds like: RIELL, Layto

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