Moon Fever’s tale of bad love sends them to the ‘Undertaker’ Everyone talks about longing to find true love, but anyone who has tried their hand at romance will tell you there is a lot of trouble found in the ties that bind two people together. Just ask Moon Fever, the fast-rising rock band that has a new single detailing that exact experience. “Undertaker” is a groove-heavy rock anthem for anyone that has found themselves ensnared in a bad romance. The story told in this song is about the signs of toxicity that we often ignore until we’re in far too deep to escape easily. Moon Fever depicts the kind of love that makes you feel crazy for wanting to leave, even though it’s exactly what you need to do. The animated video for “Undertaker” makes light of an otherwise serious subject matter in a manner that aligns with Moon Fever’s branding and aesthetics. There’s also a little voodoo thrown in for good measure.  A live version of the song has just been posted as well.   Or listen to “Undertaker” here Lead Singer Cody Jasper says, “Undertaker’ is a song that came out of a chord structure I had been using for a couple of years […]

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