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Metallica Have Raised Over One Million Dollars For Charity

Metallica’s recent Helping Hands streamed show and auction have been massive. At last count, funds raised for their All Within My Hands Foundation stood at $1.3 million, which is a ton of money that’ll be going towards good causes Feeding America and the American Association of Community Colleges, along with supporting COVID and disaster relief efforts.

So successful has the stream been, in fact, that The Four Horsemen have extended its run, and you can now sign up and pay to watch it until December 1 at Various packages are available, including merch and other goodies, profit from which all goes towards All Within My Hands.

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The show featured a mix of electric and acoustic tunes, including a really weird but really good unplugged version of …And Justice For All belter Blackened. Check it out…

Drummer Lars Ulrich also revealed recently that the band are hard at work on a new record.

We’re three, four weeks into some pretty serious writing,” he said. “And of all the shit – pandemics, fires, politics, race problems, and just fucking looking at the state of the world – it’s so easy just to so fall into a depressive state. But writing always makes me feel enthusiastic about what’s next. It’s like, ‘Fuck, there’s an opportunity here to still make the best record, to still make a difference. To still do something that not even turns other people on, but turns me on.’”

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Posted on November 25th 2020, 11:50am

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