LORDS OF BLACK – Alchemy Of Souls, Pt. I (2020)

90 Lords Of Black NEW RELEASE Ronnie Romero

I’ve actually passed the point of being sick of hearing Ronnie Romero’s name connected with every damn release coming from the metal world. In the last year or so we’ve had Vandenburg, Rainbow, Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall, MSG, Core Leoni, The Ferrymen and now in 2021 he’s fronting another project. Enough already?

I think so, but Lords Of Black is actually his band and Ronnie (together with guitarist Tony Hernando) is back where he started here and this is where I want to hear his voice and where think he sounds most natural. After all, he does have a killer voice.

The 4th Lords Of Black album is an onslaught of classic European melodic metal – mixing Dio, Maiden, Helloween and the other usual suspects into a nice blend of high octane, guitar and rhythm fuelled, uptempo metal with a strong commercial bent, not to mention offering both traditionalists and contemporary metal fans something to like.

It’s a very well-produced and mixed sounding record. Its frustrating to hear metal so well executed when so many AOR records have questionable production quality. Of course, that is a side issue to this. Can’t fault it – Lords Of Black deliver once again.

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