‘Goin’ Broke for Christmas’ 

 Following the release of Alpha Omega on their new Independent label & Arts Platform LUH.international, Lost Under Heaven return with a rare festive single, ‘Goin’ Broke for Christmas’. OUT NOW.


“Two years ago, walking the back streets to avoid the sprawling Christmas markets of Manchester city center, Ebony spoke to me in a playful lament “We are really going broke for Christmas this year”. We laughed and thought this could be the title for a satirical christmas song; for every year my Dad would say to me “Why don’t you write a Christmas song, perhaps then you will make some money!”  As ever, the life of an artist is kept in the precarious balance of bankruptcy, and at certain times of year this lack of disposal income becomes more apparent… So I sat at my piano with this phrase in mind, and to my surprise (and perhaps dismay) a melody flowed with that instant classic sound of a world-worn hymn — I had no choice but to write it. The Melody and hook came easy, but I procrastinated long and hard on the rest of the lyrics; at the time my state of mind was purely in satire and thus wrote out an insincere tapestry of questionable jokes. My heart wasn’t in it, so we decided to keep it in the cooler for another time, perhaps the right moment would arise…

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And so it was in late September 2020 that Ebony encouraged me to return to it – “We should finish that Christmas song this year, I think many people will relate to it” – for what a year it has been! The anti-consumerist satire fell away and I was able to write new verses and finally finish the song with some honest sentiment. We recorded it during our recent Patreon funded E.P sessions, and as much as I can be, I am proud of it. Of course there are a few grains of salt left in there to stop you slipping on the slushy snow of sentimentality… I hope it puts a smile on your face & warms the iciest of hearts,


With love as always,  Ellery James Roberts & Ebony Hoorn. xXx “


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