Like Moths To Flames are really turning up the heat on their new record ‘No Eternity In Gold’. With four LPs, four EPs, countless touring cycles and a decade of sculpting under their belts, the Ohio-based quartet are presenting a version of themselves that we haven’t seen before. Imagine if they took a pinch of influence from everything in their discography and sprinkled it into the mixing pot, stirring it until it formed a consistent, smooth and heavy mass. That’s exactly what this record is.

An examination of religion as a form of control and directly referenced with front man Chris Roetter’s personal experiences during his upbringing, ‘No Eternity In Gold’ is a cathartic and reflective record that acts as both a dissection and a realisation. Regardless of whether or not you’ve personally been involved with religion or not, we’ve all had faith in something that has fluctuated as the years have passed. This record is powerful and has an honest and compelling message at its core. The message? You’re stronger and better than you think, and faith isn’t everything. You are.

The ferocity of their earlier days and the melodic prowess of their evolution coalesce and produce some of the bands most gripping material to date. It’s blatant right from the get go with the sinister and unhinged ‘The Anatomy Of Evil’ thrusting bellowing guitars, pummelling drums and rabid vocals into your ears with the occasional relief of the soaring chorus. ‘Habitual Decline’ follows a similar blueprint, armed with riffs heavy enough to flatten a skyscraper and vocal melodies that will have you humming along after the first listen. Then there’s the irresistible slow grooves of ‘Burn In Water, Drown In Flame’, the furious white-knuckle ride of ‘Fluorescent White’ – they’re only four tracks in, but you’ll already have your nails firmly dug into your seat for stability. They’re just getting started, but overbearing heaviness isn’t all that this record has to offer.

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If the brutality feels like it’s getting to be too much, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a couple of opportunities for relief amid the chaos, such as the gigantic singalong-hungry anthem ‘Killing What’s Underneath’ and the ethereal and atmospheric ‘Demon Of My Own’. The latter is especially impressive, showcasing that they’ve become impressive songwriters capable of telling vivid stories with their music. But despite all that, it’s the wild blazing passion encased within this record that makes it so addictive.

‘God Complex’ is an ominous and haunting powerhouse that toys with dynamics and a chilling vocal that gives the feeling of a split personality, the music soundtracking the battle between which voice takes the stage. The unrelenting rage of ‘Selective Sacrifice’ is infectious, every riff pushing your blood towards boiling point with the hook-laden chorus providing the only cool-down period. There isn’t any sign of a cool-down in ‘YOTM’, a balls-to-the-wall bruiser full of ever intensifying darkness that’s destined to become a pit favourite.


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The closing number ‘Spiritual Eclipse’ rounds off the record perfectly, using haunting guitar melodies to surround your senses before the potent venom overwhelms them. Just as the darkness begins to seep in, a blast of light bursts through the fray and lifts you into an epic landscape of their creation, filling all the empty space that surrounds you with the most chilling breakdown of the album. Simply put, this record is pure class. If you’ve got to the end and you aren’t already lining it up for a second play through, you might be broken.

‘No Eternity In Gold’ is a real milestone for the band. They’ve transcended simply being a part of their genre, taking huge strides to propel themselves to the front of the pack as they lead a new generation of bands into the spotlight. Every element of their sound has been fine-tuned to perfection – the melodic parts are more dazzling, the heavy parts are more fiendish, the anger and rage feels more bestial and barbaric than ever before. This is the biggest leap forwards that they’ve ever taken, landing cleanly and comfortably amongst metalcore’s main players. A raw and unfeigned spectacle from one of the genre’s unsung heroes.


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