LANDMVRKS – ‘Lost In The Waves’


After launching themselves into the eyes of the masses with their 2018 jaw-dropper ‘Fantasy’, LANDMVRKS are back with a brand new, even more substantial record. Their third full length record ‘Lost In The Waves’ sees them take their eclectic concoction of aggressive metal, adrenaline-fuelled hardcore and instantly addictive choruses, and turn up the heat, resulting in yet another stone-cold stunner of an album.

Right from the get-go it’s clear that they’re not wasting any time, putting the pedal violently to the metal with ‘Lost In A Wave’. It’s the perfect opener for the record, showcasing a sample of everything that follows it in just shy of four minutes. Pristine hardcore weight collides with an irresistible chorus, tastefully laced with some visceral animosity that will have you fearing for your safety. Your blood will be pumping and your nerves will be tingling, and they’re just getting started. Prepare yourselves.

‘Say No Word’ is one of the heaviest tracks in their catalogue to date. Blast beats, guttural screams, ever-heightening intensity and a calamitous breakdown all come together to demonstrate just how much venom they’re harbouring. ’Rainfall’ is a viscous belter too, armed with boundless energy, riotous riffs, unexpected brutality and one hell of a destructive breakdown in the closing moments. It’s not all chaos and destruction though – there are stacks of melodic majesty, and they tower higher than ever before.

The insatiable ‘Tired Of It All’ is catchy right from the get go, containing every single component of an anthem. Soft and sublime verses, a dreamy chorus and a bouncy-but-brutish middle section blend together to create something destined to set venues alight. ‘Always’ is an upbeat delight too, with pop-punk energy coursing through its veins in every single singalong-worthy moment. Then there’s the rousing and remarkable ‘Silent’, the fierce fist-pumper ‘Overrated’ – the punches just don’t stop coming.

Their feet remain firmly on the accelerator, but they do take a few select moments to slow things down and give you a small window of recovery. The ambient and almost lo-fi sounding roots of ‘Visage’ provide some well-needed relief, thrusting you right back into the storm once crossing the halfway point. ‘Paralyzed’ offers up a different kind of calm, laying intense emotions bare before erupting into a soaring crescendo, releasing their last ounce of frustration before closing the album out far softer than they began. This is a very varied record, but every track sounds like them. They’ve found their sound and they know how to sculpt it perfectly.

LANDMVRKS have fine tuned every single aspect they showcased on ‘Fantasy’ and turned it into something massive. It’s like a blend of While She Sleeps, Stick To Your Guns, Trash Boat and Knocked Loose all rolled into one tight, highly reactive package. Crystal-clear yet threateningly sharp guitars, a lavish and pounding rhythm section, a diverse vocal performance that is honest, raw, and often chilling – they’re operating at peak performance and ensuring their ascension takes a steep upward curve.

With an explosive live show to go with their dangerously combustible music, this record is primed to turn a torrent of heads in their direction. They might think this record is lost in the waves, but LANDMVRKS are effortlessly riding them.


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