KREEK – Kreek (2021)


Kreek was first formed in the summer of 2019 after Bigfoot parted ways with frontman Antony Ellis, who went on to form this new group.

I personally found the Bigfoot debut to be fairly likable and a solid album. Unfortunately for Ellis, Kreek doesn’t carry the warmth or appeal of Bigfoot over to the new band.

In fact, one of the weakest aspects of the Kreek debut are the lead vocals of Ellis. His tone and delivery just aren’t what they were in Bigfoot.

Also missing are the songs. I honestly can’t find a lasting appeal with any of these songs and now reviewed, probably won’t revisit this album ever again.

Its not melodic rock. Its not quite hard rock. Its not quite sleaze and it’s not straight-ahead rock. I think it lacks personality and the quality of songs are just not there.

Production is average, songs are average and the vocals are very average.

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