It’s been a long but fruitful journey for Rockers The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, who are 17 years into their career and still going strong. From their humble beginnings in a small northern Florida town just south of Jacksonville, to playing some of the biggest festivals and stages around the world, the band has persevered through good times and bad. With the release of new EP “The Emergency”, the band continues to espouse hopeful and impactful messages – especially given the current uncertain times. The band will be simultaneously releasing a new video for “Is This The Real World?” from the EP. Lead singer Ron Winter says of “Is This The Real World?”: “In this era of augmented reality and ‘deep fake’ secrets – we find ourselves more and more asking the question: Is This The Real World? It can be hard to know what is real and what isn’t nowadays. It’s important to question what we see, especially things posted online – before we rush to judgement. Making sure that the information presented to us is correct and that we aren’t being manipulated for a more nefarious purpose is of utmost importance”. Listen in as we spent a little time […]

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