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How To Make Your Own Music Bingo Game

Over the last few years, the game of bingo has become more and more diversified to incorporate a lot of other different niches.

One of these includes musical bingo which is an interesting twist on bingo as we know it and offers a lot of fun for players. This is especially fun if you are both a music and bingo fan, while you can also play with friends. You will find that a lot of the best bingo sites have games which explore different themes which you can find here to give you more of an idea.

Setting up a music bingo game is relatively easy and below you can discover exactly what you need in order to set one up!

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Create a playlist

There are different ways that you can do this, by using a number of different music streaming services, however, perhaps the easiest to use in order to create a playlist is Spotify and if you or someone that you know has an account, this becomes even more straightforward.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this step is choosing tracks that the people who you will be playing with, will know, so it is better to first have an idea of what the other players like first before you start compiling tracks.

Another way to do this is to choose a theme for your music bingo game and this could be anything from movie soundtracks to Christmas songs, as long as your audience are familiar with your choices, this will be a lot more advantageous for everyone’s experience.

Having an idea about the length of the playlist, based on how long you think that the game or indeed, games might last is another point to consider, so it is worth putting some thought into this when you are making your choice.

When you have compiled your playlist, it is important that you export this so that everyone else can have access – if you use Spotify then you exportify is a good tool that you can use, though there are many others available as well.

Print your bingo cards and get creative

When you have created and exported your playlist successfully, the next step is to find bingo cards that you can download and the print. There are many websites where you can download bingo cards for free and then it is simply a matter of making sure everyone has the amount that they need, based on how many games that you decide to play.

Also, because the theme is music bingo, you need to be looking for blank bingo cards. This is because it will give you the chance to use each square as the name of an artist instead of a number, so that when a particular track comes on and players have that artist on their card, they can then tick them off!

Decide on a prize

If you decide to incorporate a prize, you could simply suggest that everyone contributes to buying the winner a bottle of wine or dinner, as a gesture, though there are many other things that you can do as well. The most important element however, is that everyone has fun!

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