“These are 10 songs that really helped to shape the Dreamshade way of thinking about music. They are all from artists that we respect and we drew some inspiration from. Of course there are still many more that we didn’t mention, but at least you can have an idea of what helped to push our minds to create our art. If you don’t know them you should check ‘em out!”

Soilwork – Distance

Fella: When I first listened to this song in 2006 everything about it made me think: Modern Metal. It was the first time I heard a “metal vocalist” deliver something that didn’t really resemble the classic ‘scream’ but added so much more style to every word. Since that moment I wanted my type of rock/metal to sound like it was a modern music genre, especially with vocal styles.

Immortal Technique – Harlem Streets

Fella: I can’t state enough how this song is important for me. “Revolutionary – Volume 2” was one of my first underground rap records and to this day is still one of my favourites. The beat in this song is so special and always gets me thinking. The vocal tone of Immortal Technique is so unique, his delivery: flawless, and there are tons of stylish choices all over the song.

In Flames – Take This Life

Fella: There’s everything on this song. Chaos, fast pace, melody, deep lyrics, fat sound.

In Flames is the band that changed Melodeath forever and took it to the next level. Modern sound and awesome riffs. Once again the vocals aren’t the standard ‘metal style screams’; Anders delivers an incredible emotional tone and techniques keep changing throughout all the songs.

Linkin Park – By Myself

Fella: Hybrid Theory was the first rock record I bought with my money back in 2000, I was 10 years old. That music stuck with me forever and it’s all thanks to my sister’s suggestion who always introduced me to amazing and different music when I was a kid (LP, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, Eminem & D12, Eiffel65 and many more…)

Darkest Hour – With A Thousand Words To Say But One

Fella: One of my main lyrical inspirations as a kid. The band and album that acted as a bridge from punk to metal for me. Still one of my favourite metal bands today. Always changing and always relevant.

Children of Bodom – Downfall

Fella: This band is my first real metal love. The whole reason Dreamshade exists. We started the band after watching CoB live back on the new year’s eve of 2005. Unforgettable moment. Alexi Laiho was a total legend and a really inspiring artist for me and Dreamshade.

Don Broco – Priorities

Fella: One of my favourite modern rock bands. Incredible discovery for me back in 2011. Their first EP ‘Big Fat Smile’ is not available on streaming services unfortunately but it still is something very special for me. Really mixing cool riffs with interesting vocal patterns, melodies and lyrics.

Boston – More Than A Feeling

Kevin: I have great memories of this song. One of the rock anthems of all time in my opinion. I remember when I was a child my brother had a tape in his stereo with this song and I fell in love with it from the first listen. The chord series that launch the chorus are magical and the vocals are epic. I remember always getting excited while listening and always wanting to bang my head. 

Placebo – Every Me and Every You

Kevin: I remember when I discovered Placebo I was a kid. It was the moment where I was opening my horizons on a musical level. Until that moment I was used to listening to metal and hardrock and then I started to open up to more ‘alternative’ musical genres and different from those I was used to. This song sparked something in me and made me see a new way of approaching music.

Dub Inc. – Tout ce qu’ils veulent

Kevin: What an incredible band! Unique style and one of the most impactful live shows I’ve ever seen. If I remember correctly Fella, introduced them to me many years ago with the album ‘Hors Control’. WOW! I was immediately fascinated by their reggae/dub sound but with this rock attitude that I had never seen in any other artist or band of this genre. Incredible and powerful sound and the voices of the two singers, however different from each other, blend in a single style that only they can offer!

Dreamshade’s new album ‘A Pale Blue Dot’ is out now. Check out their video for Stone Cold Digital ft. Rose Villain below

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