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Get Your Money’s Worth With Cheap Bingo Spins: Everything About Bingo Patterns

All About Bingo Patterns

Are you an avid fan of the game bingo? Or are you a newbie who has recently been sucked into the game? Whatever the case, the rules behind bingo are fairly straightforward and most people should know that the game is won by forming a certain pattern. There are a plethora of patterns that can be achieved while playing and even as little as four numbers is possible to complete some.

As the patterns can vary in terms of difficulty, some may be easy to pull off but some may require a lot more effort to accomplish as it can involve a little trick. However, bingo is a game ultimately and it is meant to create fun. The feature of patterns is that added sprinkle of thrills and excitement. With that, it is also just as important to familiarise yourself with the game before you jump into it, particularly the types of patterns as well as the odds in bingo.

Equip yourself with knowledge on probability and you would have a better idea of how to complete a pattern and win the game. At the start of every game, you must have a set pattern to achieve, and onto the types of patterns, you have arrived at the right place as this article will share some of the most popular bingo patterns. If you are playing online, you can even play without spending a penny! Without further ado, let us dive straight into it!

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Clock Bingo Pattern

For experienced bingo players, the clock bingo pattern is no longer something new as it is frequently used by players in bingo. Be it land-based or online, players love to form this popular bingo pattern. To depict how it looks, imagine a large circle enclosing the perimeters of the ticket and situated at the bottom right corner is the clock hand.

Wine Glass Pattern

Next up, another common pattern played by bingo players is the Wine Glass. With immense popularity, the wine glass pattern is often used repeatedly on multiple games within a bingo room. 11 numbers are required to form the pattern and the final result resembles the shape of a wine glass. As such, combining its popularity and its easy requirement of 11 numbers, it does not take long to fulfil the winning combination and it is marked off quickly.

Windmill Bingo Pattern

Similarly, when it comes to popular bingo patterns, you cannot forget about the windmill bingo pattern as players love to use it in both land-based halls and online games. Consisting of 17 numbers, this pattern is viable through 75 different Ball Bingo variations. As inferred from its name, the winning combination gives rise to a shape that resembles a windmill, hence the name. Specifically, it looks like a windmill due to the four big squares located at all four corners of the ticket, with one sole single-digit number connecting them in the centre. Unlike the previous wine glass pattern, the windmill requires a longer time to complete as it needs more numbers to be marked off. Furthermore, it also takes time for the lucky player to hit the winning combination.

Bell Pattern

Moving on, the next type of pattern revolves around an occasion at the end of the year and it is the bell pattern. During the festive month of December when family and friends gather together for Christmas, bell patterns are frequently seen at bingo games, since it fits the holiday theme and creates a joyous spirit. However, of course, bell patterns are not limited to just Christmas as it can be used anytime, as long as 13 numbers are marked off at the designated positions to form the winning pattern. As a result, bell patterns require a significant amount of effort and patience, causing the overall speed of the game to become slow. Bell patterns are often seen at progressive bingo games, meaning if you happen to be the first lucky scorer who successfully hit the winning pattern, you would stand to win a huge prize.

Witches Hat

The Witches Hat pattern is formed by hitting 13 numbers and going by the nature of the name,  the pattern gets particularly popular around Halloween as it fits the spooky vibes. However, it is not an easy task to pull this pattern off and it would require a longer time, as compared to other patterns.

Arrow Pattern

Forming the arrow pattern is a lot more flexible, to begin with since it can be at any corners with the diagonal line stretching to the opposite corner. Also, it only requires nine numbers, thus it is a bingo pattern favoured by many bingo players since the game would proceed at a much faster pace.

Letters and Numbers

Letters and Numbers patterns are also well-received by bingo players. Some popular letters are E, T, Y, X, and Z, although it depends on which letter is being set during the games and the difficulty varies. Some letters are easier to form, whereas some could be more challenging. The key point is that letters are usually formed either diagonally within the cards or at the outer edges. As for the numbers, the more common patterns are associated with the number seven, or the following numbers – three, four, and eight. Likewise, similar to letters, number patterns also vary in difficulty as it may consist of a set of different numbers.

Other Bingo Patterns

Although there are numerous other bingo patterns,  it is not possible to combine every one of them in a single article. Going by the norm, at the start of every bingo game, the caller would call out the winning patterns or have it displayed through the screen.  Apart from the bingo patterns we have mentioned above, some additional worth noting patterns include the likes of the Kite, Airplane, Umbrella Turtle, Dollar Sign, Snowflake, and the Christmas Tree.


We urge bingo players to view unfamiliar and challenging patterns with a positive mindset. There is no need to be afraid of trying new strategies. After all, we are talking about bingo, which is just a game at the end of the day. Furthermore, winning is mostly a matter of luck. We hope you have found our article interesting and we wish you the best of luck in your future bingo adventures! Have fun!


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