Gambling is quite an exhilarating and fun experience for most but it is definitely not when you start to lose a bunch of money that you are not willing to. It could also be due to having a tighter budget for various reasons or just struck with a stroke of bad luck. Whatever the case is, money cannot be divorced with the act of gambling but if you truly still want to gamble, there are ways to do so without breaking your bank account.

Introducing the concept of casual gambling! Well, it’s not exactly a groundbreaking concept and you have probably heard of it somewhere else—but basically, you can pool together a reasonable and small amount of money to continue to gamble. However, you have to be more selective about what you are going to gamble. Here are some fun ideas to gamble with a small bankroll which allows you to enjoy the thrilling feeling of gambling without burning a hole in your wallet. And for fans of online gambling, my friend reviewed americas cardroom that you should definitely check out!

Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tickets are super affordable and a great way to get a quick gambling “high” with low cost and possible big returns. A scratch-off ticket comes as cheap as a dollar and those with higher returns such as the national lotteries will only cost as much as three bucks at most for a ticket. While it may make money sense to all-in on the dollar scratch-off tickets since the odds of winning something is slightly higher, the prize money for the national lotteries are a tad higher. This is the tradeoff that you will have to decide for yourself. We recommend getting a mix of these tickets or switch up the lottery drawings you are trying for in between the days or weeks. Ultimately, if you want to get a cheap thrill of winning and the amount of prize money does not really matter for you, then Lottery Tickets are the way to go.

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Sports Events Gambling

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Gone are the days of sinking large sums of money to gamble on sporting events. Nowadays, many betting sites take in wagers and bets as low as a dollar. The key difference in betting on a sports game is that you will actually spend time watching the match. As such, just spending a few bucks will get your gambling spirit engaged for a longer period of time, unlike other gambling games where you can easily burn through stacks of cash within several rounds of games. Do not underestimate how much fun you can get from watching and rooting for the team you’ve bet on. Another suggestion would be to do this with your colleagues or friends and enjoy a good night of watching the sporting game over some booze and pizza.

Online Poker Games

Mirco limit tables, meaning low bets are allowed, are becoming increasingly popular in online poker rooms. Such platforms are great sources of revenue for your gambling fund and allow you to continuously play for an extended time if you play well with some luck on your side. Remember to stay alert and strategize to make good use of whatever small amount of cash you are bringing into the game, and drop out immediately when you completely expend them to avoid impulse gambling.


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Games with Family and Friends

Up the stakes of the casual family card game—be it UNO or old maid, by getting everyone to wage a few bucks on the game. This idea can extend beyond card games to board games and even video games. We generally recommend board games like monopoly or risk—games that can involve multiple players and can run on for a while.

Make sure everyone is okay and cool with setting aside some cash for the game in the name of fun. By introducing and increasing the stakes to the game, it can elevate the excitement and enjoyment derived from the game itself. Be warned that some people might be sore losers, so you need to be able to navigate such scenarios or avoid playing with them entirely. Another suggestion to work around this to have an unspoken rule that the winner treats everyone to a round of cheap drinks, which helps to reduce the sense of loss others feel.

Online Slot Machines

You might think that slot machines are a bad idea for those low on cash and yes, we totally agree. Those with some luck might be able to grow their stash for a while but those who are not so lucky can lose their pool of money easily within minutes.

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However, online slot machines are slightly more forgiving as some sites offer lower wager amount. Even so, we recommend one to play at a rate much slower than they normally would. Slot machines are truly fun and addictive, we have to admit. If you are not paying attention, you might realize your fund has been completely used up.

Look around for sites with big slots bonuses or new sign-up benefits, such as free credits and the like, which can help to extend the amount of playtime you get out of the site. This also applies to other gambling sites such as poker and roulette. You can switch from site to site once you finish up the benefits they offer. Just by doing this, you can easily add some extra hours of game time while keeping your losses and budget low.


Gambling is fun and all until you lose control and rake up a debt that you might have trouble paying off. Trying to limit your gambling can be difficult and we recognize your effort to take control of your finances. This is obviously not an extensive list of the gambling activities you can try to do with a low budget, but they all share the commonality of trying to get the most thrill for the least amount of input. Always stay alert and take a glance at your remaining budget before making any big decisions that might put you in trouble. Hopefully, your effort to be frugal pays off and you will be able to go big on your bets in the near future.

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