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FEE WAYBILL – Rides Again (2020)

Fee, where have you been?!! Fronting The Tubes reunion shows mostly… but it doesn’t matter – he’s back! And Richard Marx is with him once again. The singer/songwriter/producer is the foundation that this record is built upon, with a MVP performance delivered.

Popping up for a cameo is Michael Landau and Matt Scannell on a couple of tracks.

For physical collectors the package is a flimsy cardboard thing that you can barely pull the CD out of. My pet hate without doubt.

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Musically though there are no disappointments here. From the opening hard rock of Faker to the anthemic masterpiece How Dare You (classic Fee), to the funk-riff-rock of Don’t Want To Pull The Trigger onwards through the album via a modern rock ballad in Say Goodbye, a lyrically biting Promise Land, the moody Man Of The World (more classic Fee) and three more classy rock songs.

Only 9 tracks here over 33 minutes, but there isn’t a filler in sight or a minute wasted. This is all Fee Waybill at his very best and Richard Marx does a superb job producing it and co-writing all tracks with Fee.

Sharp, snappy, loud – everything you could wish for from a Fee Waybill record. Another essential purchase here I dare say.

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