After years of trying on many different hats during his twenty-five years in the music industry: producer, live performer, sound designer and music publisher, Chris Shape (né Cristian Caporesi) has decided to start a solo career doing just what he likes: Techno Body Music.

Shaped To Deform, out now through Unknown Pleasures Records, is unsettling and spooky, filled with relentless uneasy beats peppered with echoed shouting. The music is the ghosts of spaghetti western soundtracks, disorienting psychedelic trips, and sweaty bodies writhing in clubs coming together in an eerie, danceable nightmare. In short, it’s fantastic; the kind of music you imagine emanating from a Francis Bacon painting.

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Shape’s debut came in the early 1990s, when the techno wave broke in Riccione at Italy’s biggest techno club, Pyramid of Cocoricò. Shape surfed it all the way throughout his long career. In 2004 he collaborated with DJ Francesco “Franz“ Spazzoli with FRANZ & SHAPE, delving into their synth-wave and EBM roots. The duo played live for almost a decade around the world, collaborating with 2 Many Djs, Tiga, Jagz Kooner, Motor (Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid), David Carretta, GD Luxxe, The Hacker, Gesaffelstein, Perspects, Dirk Da Davo (Neon Judgment), and Mount Sims.

Shape also made music for different labels such as: Nova Mute, Turbo, Citizen, Relish, International Gigolò Records. Shape’s first solo album will be available on UPR in October, which contains some vocals collaborations with Black Asteroid, Blind Delon, Velvet Kills and IV Horsemen.


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Shape hopes the album will be powerful with the assertion: “the best breaking and ecstatic electro-techno. Electro Wave is not dead!”

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