Chicago Post-Punk duo Bellhead Release ‘Remix With Guns”


The Year of Our Virus 2020 was a year where most bands could be excused if they decided to take time off and hope for the best in 2021, but then again – Chicago duo BELLHEAD isn’t most bands. The critically-acclaimed duo of Karen and Ivan announce a new EP titled Remix with Guns. BELLHEAD is comprised of two music scene veterans who left their mark across the tattered music landscape: lead vocalist Ivan Russia (Ahab Rex, Mr Russia, Sheriff Scabs), and Karen Righeimer (Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, W.O.R.M, and Bethany Thomas).

After the release of 2020’s Unicorn Bones, the band set their sights on putting together a remix EP to shine a light on the talents of other related artists. Remix With Guns was born.

The EP also features a remix done by the band themselves of the previously unreleased song Drugstore Keri. Listeners will hear the work of contributors, producers, or members of: Chemlab, Sister Machine Gun, Pigface, 13MG, Hip Deep Trilogy, Mnpltr, The Final Cut, Bounte, I:scintilla, Atomica Project, Missing In Stars, Emulsion  and more. For this EP, BELLHEAD returned to their trusted production team of Neil Strauch (Counting Crows, Iron and Wine)  and Car Saff (Acid Mothers Temple, Smoking Popes, Red Fang, Guided by Voices).

To protest large corporations’ algorithms throttling of social media communication, the band went guerrilla with an old school exclusive mailing list to give something back to their fans, and reward new listeners. The band describes it as ‘part mailing list, part free Patreon, and part Secret Santa.’

“We want to be able to give our fans something special, so they realize they are important to us. You may get a random song emailed to you, an exclusive mailing list advance to our new releases, or stickers or holiday cards from us in the mail,” they say. There are tentative plans to make this a monthly event, taking the opportunity to turn the spotlight on other musical and video artists. “It’s very exciting to have a direct dialog with our listeners and let them know directly how much we appreciate each of them as individuals and their feedback,” says the band.

BELLHEAD’s releases are for download and streaming on all major platforms. For those fans who sign up to the mailing list now at the address below they will receive the Bonus EP Remix With Guns: Part 2. While Remix With Guns will be available on all platforms, the free bonus content Remix With Guns: Part 2 will be available only through BELLHEAD’s mailing list.

You can sign up for the mailing list here:

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