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WILDNESS – Ultimate Demise (2020)

Swedish melodic rock outfit Wildness are back with their second album, now featuring the very versatile lead vocals of Erik Forsberg. The band go back and forth between styles – Erik going higher on several songs but a more powerful lower pitch on others. All with equal effect thanks to some strong songwriting and a traditional 80s, keyboard friendly style, that has a good strong current production (and a big drum sound too) thanks to the band’s drummer/producer Erik Modin and Erik Wigelius’ magnificent mix and master.

This is a nice mix of old meets new, with a classic Scandi-AOR feel. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words to describe the package and that’s the case here. There’s an abundance of sharp guitar solos and keyboard swirls and the tempo is fairly fast moving.

A couple of the moodier tracks veer off closer to symphonic territory, such is their epicness. It adds a fresh dimension to the album.

Ultimate Demise might sound a bit dramatic for a record titles of this kind, but it certainly delivers for fans of this genre and the more traditional elements of it. Great stuff.

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