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Patriarchy Unveils Cicciolina-Inspired Synth-Pop Fantasy in Video for “It Goes Fast” (Second Skin Remix)

Uh oh. LA snuff-pop queen Patriarchy is up to her old tricks again with another video: this time the Second Skin remix of It Goes Fast, from their remix LP Reverse Circumcision. This offering will be one of her final videos before moving on to her second forthcoming album, slated for release later this year.

Throughout the pandemic, Patriarchy’s Actually Huizenga delved into creative connections with fellow artists and friends. By sharing her stems, the songs have grown into a bona fide gonzo journey. The remixes turned out so well that Actually insisted that she make videos for the singles before the full LP release.

Patriarchy’s Bottom Of The Pops (presented by Dublab and Restless Nites) was a Livestream performance of four of the remix songs, plus interviews with Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, and a guest appearance by Geneva Jacuzzi. This provided much of the footage for It Goes Fast, a bizarre kaleidoscope of pure visual assault.

Watch the spectacle of the video for the “It Goes Fast” remix below:

What else does Patriarchy have up her sleeve? In a brief interview, the performance artist, musician, and mischievous ringleader of the circus of the absurd talks about the process of working with Second Skin, the themes of the video, and her inspirations. And…has she really been tiptoeing around LA with packages for Trent Reznor and David Lynch? got to the bottom of this:

Photo: Michael Deleon Romero

What was it is like working with Second Skin on the Remix of It Goes fast?

I sent them the stems and they sent me a gem. Totally like a ‘second skin’- I didn’t even know I had it on- that’s how good it felt.

This is not the only collaboration you have done with the members of Second Skin?

They were my special live guest performers on my live stream of Bottom Of The Pops 2.

Can you tell us about the theme of the video, and the people involved?

The theme of the video was loosely based on my adoration of La Cicciolina and the strange “live” performances she did on those huge sets with disco-Bosch characters, neon-lit pools full of live water lilies and snakes… with her slowly walking around half-naked and kissing to the camera.

For executive production, I had my label Dero Arcade, Dublab, and Restless Nites. I did the production etc… My awesome friend Murphy Maxwell did set design with me and live VHS feed done by Shane McKenzie….I think it is hilarious that the guitar got stuck in the set and I was barely able to cover my female anatomy. That is the brilliance of LIVE!

Can you tell us about the Fellini-esque man with the striking features in your photoshoot? What is going on there?

I hired a demolition and junk removal guy off Craigslist who just goes by The Drummer. After he helped me dispose of some trash before Bottom of The Pops, I invited him to play for me and I fired all the other bandmates.

What is this about packages NIN/David Lynch? Does either of them have an impact on your music? 

NIN and David Lynch are all wrapped up in my Bowie-youth education. So all of these references are drawing upon the very mouldings of my “art-life.” Also, I notice many people drawing great inspiration musically from NIN recently, so I went ahead and tried to mimic the stylings in my Xavier/3TEETH remix as a joke about that, saying “3 Inch Nails,” etc. But then the joke became something magical- as things like that often do. I was very excited to create and perform this “joke,” and I guess it almost became like a spell. That experience dripped into my new aesthetic. Through intense, romantic research, a different character has breathed something very delicious into an already pretty industrially-oriented Patriarchy. I just hope Trent Reznor and David Lynch will take notice- or at least contemplate a restraining order against me. I am working on that right now.

Can you tell me about playing your first post-pandemic club show (plug plug plug) for the Lash’s reopening?

Yes very excited to plug my first Club Show out of Quarantine at The Lash in Downtown Los Angeles This Friday night! Someone is gonna get lashed! (Patriarchy plays at 11 pm.)

Reverse Circumcision is out now via DERO Arcade. 

Order Here

Follow Patriarchy:

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Melodic Coldwave Outfit The Sea At Midnight Debuts “Anything About You”

Melodic cold wave outfit The Sea At Midnight is the project of Los Angeles songwriter Vince Grant. After overcoming intense hurdles in life, Grant has transformed into a Rumpelstiltskin of sonic healing, spinning gold out of intense darkness and creating beauty, compassion, and hope out of deep wells of pain. The Sea at Midnight entrances listeners with moody soundscapes spanning the gamut of aural bliss and morose introspection. Grant’s gravitas is well-earned and earnest, wrapping the track in a cocoon of emotion and poetry. The track brings to mind the psychedelic dream pop of Echo & the Bunnymen and The Cure, the post-punk sensibilities of The The and Love and Rockets, topped with a sprinkling of that ol’ Mazzy Star stardust.

Produced by Chris King of Cold Showers with drum programming by Brandon Pierce (Glaare), The Sea At Midnight’s eponymous, self-released debut album unleashes a captivating new single and accompanying video: Anything About You.

The video, the first animated video directed by Canadian artist Zach Fish, is a work of art in and of itself, but paired with Grant’s songwriting, it packs a wallop emotionally.

“I knew Anything About You was important the very first time I heard it,” says Fish. “For me, it conjured the terror of a newly discovered absence. It reminded me of approximately the second week of a new relationship, when one is struck by the sudden understanding that they were alone and now are not.

Fish and Grant discovered a mutual affinity for cyberpunk science fiction: in particular, the works of William Gibson.

“The singular element therein, in my experience, is the overlap between the visio-spatial, hallucinatory vector-fields of cyberspace and the gritty, hyperbolically human texture of the waking world,” Fish continues. “Much like the twin phosphate backbones of DNA, each serves as a counterpoint to the other, structuring the spiral code of the human condition. This was my conceptual guiding principle. There is a whiteboard next to my desk, and after deciding to take Vince up on his offer to do a music video, I quickly scrawled the words “Chamber With Vertical Cylinder Lights.” This simple concept seeded the narrative, inasmuch as one exists, for the video. The story grew of its own accord from that initial, spatial idea. I sincerely hope the character’s journey towards the mathematical dual of his soul’s graph strikes viewers as simultaneously mystifying and familiar.”

Delve into the gorgeous world of the video for Anything About You:

Purchase/stream the track here:

Follow The Sea At Midnight:

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Dark Italo Synth-Pop Act Nuovo Testamento Resurrects the Dancefloor in “The Searcher”

When I look in your eyes,

It’s clear you are searching

But I don’t think for me

A brand new video is afoot from Italian-American outfit Nuovo Testamento. The Searcher, the third single from the trio’s forthcoming album New Earth, comes on the heels of previous releases Michelle Michelle and Vanity.

Frontwoman and vocalist Chelsey Crowley mesmerizes in the video for The Searcher, which encapsulates the joie de vivre of dance floor reverie as we hold new lease on life. With pandemic restrictions lifting at last across the country, this message is a welcome shift. Grave Realm co-founder Gamal Sharaf El Deen (Chernobyl) directed the video, which features a veritable Who’s Who of the LA music scene: Riki, Colin Peterson (Terminal A), Sarah Schimek, Victor Andrade (Slash DanceAurat.)

“This video was the product of passion, connection and sincerity,” says G.S.E.D told Lethal Amounts for the video’s premiere. “The images contained are expressions of the lives captured within – brought together by the beat of Nuovo Testamento’s love letter to the dance floor…This was a work of reflected truth made not for any targeted market or demographic, but for and from the hearts of all involved and of all who see themselves in the fervor of the night we encapsulated.“

Indeed, the joyful clip ushers in a new dawn for nightlife with all the luscious, laser-soaked shimmering Italodisco you could ask for. It’s pure, unapologetic fun, beautifully filmed in celebration of the return of shadowy dancefloor magic.

Watch the video for ‘The Searcher” below:

Nuovo Testamento is the Los Angeles & Bologna-based trio – supergroup, even – comprised of Chelsey Crowley, Andrea Mantione, and Giacomo Zatti, familiar faces from the bands Horror Vacui, Sheer Mag, Tørsö, Terremoto, and Crimson Scarlet.

New Earth is out June 30th on Italy’s AVANT! Records. US Distribution through Torn Light Records, Stream it here on their Bandcamp:

Follow Nuovo Testamento:

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Video Premiere ‘How High’ by Steve Marriner Award-Winning Bluesman

Video Premiere ‘How High’ by Steve Marriner Award-Winning Bluesman

Photo: Steve Marriner by Scott Doubt We are pleased to premiere Steve Marriner’s video “How High” from his new album, Hope Dies Last, out July 2, 2021 on Stony Plain Records. A multi award-winning and esteemed artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and record producer, Canadian bluesman Steve Marriner ushers in more of a roots-rock sound [Continue]

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Romance and Sorrow Collide with Jason Priest’s “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants”

Who is Jason Priest and where has he gone? is the question on all our minds.

The new album Jason Priest is Missing, out today, is the victorious return of Antoni Maiovvi (known as the co-founder of Giallo Disco Records and a slew of other projects) under his alias, Jason Priest. With two EPs from years past—King-Kill/33° and Nightmare Boy—Maiovvi merges several genres into his first full-length album on Midnight Mannequin Records.

Post-punk, synthpop, and electro flavors collide in Missing, an upbeat album with just a hint of melancholy. The story of alter ego, Jason Priest, is a fascinating one: “Priest, the British punk rocker who heads to New York City in 1982 on the heels of a brand new record deal, [spends] the better part of the decade strung out on amphetamines and drowning in alcohol. Now, Jason is back in London with renewed energy from both the change of scenery and, more importantly, a newfound sobriety.”

This storyline leads us to Priest’s new music video. Part The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love,” part New Order’s Get Ready, the song “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants” is a fuzzy, monochromatic dream. Priest dances, guarded with his guitar, as grainy images flicker behind him, reflective of the seedy nights spent at in the dirges of New York City. Are your moral standards high? he asks, perhaps as a question for himself. The post-punk guitars blend in with sharp disco drums to create a romantic, sorrowful atmosphere that’s inherently danceable.

Jason Priest is Missing is that feel-good album for the post-pandemic summer we’re all craving. It’s “electronic power-pop for the Haçienda crowd, complete with ‘I’m-rushing-my-tits-off’ joy and comedown melancholy.” And if that’s not reason enough to search out Jason Priest, nothing will be. Vinyl is available in two versions: the “Speed and Leather Edition” and the “Clean and Sober Edition”—pick your poison.

Buy it on Bandcamp. Find it here on all streaming platforms.

Follow Midnight Mannequin on Facebook and Instagram.

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MØAA Weaves a Dark Dreamscape in “Night Vision”

In the dark I can see my stride

They know

And I now know everything else

No they can’t tell where I’m from now

Global citizen and sultry chanteuse MØAA’s menacing, post-apocalyptic Night Vision is a slight foray away from the more ethereal tracks from the album Euphoric Recall.

Night Vision references late night drives and hallucinatory moments brought on by hours, sometimes days of sleep deprivation,” says singer Jancy Rae. “These out-of-body effects we experience while dissociating from reality can carry an edge or a fleeting paranoia, within it we wonder if anyone else around us can tell just how out of our minds we really are.”

The hazy, sinister song draws out Jancy Rae’s languid vocals over a pulsating rhythm, suspending and lifting into a floating chorus. The flashing imagery and visual distortions featured in the collaged video footage, directed by the band and Alice Lorenzon, heighten the effect, immersing the listener and bring them along for the sonic joyride. It spans time and space to disorienting effect, exploring the world through a macro lens, kaleidoscopic prisms, and the haze of analogue nostalgia. The video drags us through a series of hallucinatory visions, the disjointed fragments of dreamscape.

MØAA was first conceived by Jancy Rae when she began writing and recording demos while living in the forest near Seattle, WA. Serving as an outlet to process a troubled past, MØAA was named after the MAO-A gene, also known as “The Warrior Gene,” for its connection to increased aggression and perseverance. More than halfway through writing the album, she moved across the world to Venice, Italy where in isolation and in collaboration with Andrea Volpato, completed the writing and recordings at Fox Studio Venice. Euphoric Recall was released April 2nd, 2021 via WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring).

Watch Night Vision below:

Buy/listen to the track here.

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Industrial-Darkwave act Odonis Odonis Debut Duel Visuals for “Trust” and “In The Fire”

“I’ll never feel trust again.”

Canadian industrial-synth act Odonis Odonis hit the detonation plunger on their explosive visuals for Trust and In The Fire, from the upcoming album Spectrums.

The ongoing release project explores different meandering paths in the band’s palette of sound, at times sounding like Nitzer Ebb; at others like Revolting Cocks and NIN. Trust is in the former camp, a swirling nightmare of relentless existential queries and blistering dance beats.  The song follows the March releases of Salesmen and Get Out, and Impossible in May.

“This project is the start of the third chapter of the band’s evolution,” says Tzenos. “I still feel like we have a lot more to explore musically and writing these songs lit the spark for a lot of new directions. The idea of doing something poppy is a stark contrast to our last record, but as long as the project remains fun and experimental it will keep growing. We’re more like the weird goth kids in the back of the club now.”

The album will be released digitally and on vinyl via Felte Records on the 15th of October, 2021.

Formed in 2010 by Dean Tzenos (Ten Kens), Jarod Gibson, and Denholm Whale, the Toronto music act debuted with the album Hollandaze in 2011. Their sound has evolved over the decade, originating with a more surf rock vibe, but later experimenting with ambience and a heavier industrial sound before 2016’s Post Plague, when they fully realized their transformation into darkwave.

Meandering past the usual repetition of industrial music, Odonis Odonis weave gold from straw with hard-punching lyrics and fierce electropunk fervour.

The wild visualizer video, directed by Adam Seward and Julianna Carlevaris and edited by Odonis Odonis, reflects this frenetic frenzy, with visions of clashing teeth, static and unsettling angles that disorient you. Will you ever feel trust again?

Find out below:


In The Fire

Follow your instincts and listen to Trust here. You can pre-order the vinyl version of the album here.

Follow Odonis Odonis:

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Video Premiere: Sean Chambers ‘Hidden Charms’

Video Premiere: Sean Chambers ‘Hidden Charms’

Photo: Sean Chambers by Alain Broeckx We are pleased to premiere acclaimed blues rocker Sean Chambers’ video “Hidden Charms” from his upcoming album, That’s What I’m Talkin About, Tribute to Hubert Sumlin out July 9, 2021 via Quarto Valley Records, produced by the late Ben Elliott. A tribute to legendary former Howlin’ Wolf guitarist, [Continue]

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Norwegian Post-Punk Outfit Permafrost Wander the Gloom of Frozen Landscapes in “Closed Eyes”

Norwegian post-punk outfit Permafrost wander through chilly landscapes with a stunning new video for their single Closed Eyes. The track pulses with a relentless, foreboding surge, alluding to a dystopian near future, but offering hope to the listener. The track, mixed by indie veteran Paul Corkett, is out now via Fear of Music.

Originally from Molde, Norway, Permafrost formed in 1982 by school friends Frode Heggdal Larsen & Kåre Steinsbu. Taking their name from a Magazine song, Permafrost found their sound influence in bands like Joy Division, Pere Ubu, Yello, Fad Gadget, The Cure, Talking Heads, The Residents, Wire, and Wolfgang Press. Permafrost began as a lo-fi affair, but their songs were intricate and uniquely structured, and heavily influenced by Norwegian authors Knut Hamsun and Jens Bjørneboe. This precocious, cultured sound earned respect from older peers playing in punk bands. Despite only being able to play private shows due to their age, the band’s audience grew. But after several line-up changes, expanding to being at one point a six-piece, Permafrost decided to deactivate for a while by the mid-eighties.

After a brief revival in 1992, the band went into cold storage once again until 2001. Robert Heggdal, an old friend of Frode and Kåre, joined the band. Another Moldenser ex-pat called Trond Tornes joined the crew, bringing a rich history of musical influences, and Permafrost was reborn again, solidifying the lineup in 2016 with the addition of Englishman Daryl Bamonte on synths.

The band describes their latest single as a song that “drives on with a relentless surge, full of foreboding, alluding to a dystopian near-future while at the same time offering the listener hope.”

The video for Closed Eyes, was shot in Norway by Permafrost and edited by Mimi Supernova. The short film is a distorted, disjointed romp through a gloomy monochromatic landscape. (A strangely soothing sight on a sweltering hot summer day.)

Watch the video for Closed Eyes below:

Follow Permafrost:

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Dark Songstress ANIQO Debuts Surreal Video for “Must Surrender”

Berlin-based artist Anita Goß, known as ANIQO, moves between the extremes like a ping-pong ball. With a commitment to minimalism and an appetite to blend “light and dark” in her innovative songs, she forges a unique sound existing somewhere between the genres of darkwave, psychedelic rock, singer-songwriter and folk.  David Bowie, Beth Gibbons, John Lennon, PJ Harvey, Arcade Fire and Sharon van Etten certainly influence her dark, subversive sound.

Must Surrender is the first single from her album BIRTH, released on 4 June. A very personal, stirring, liberating, touching but also socio-critical debut, full of dark light moments and fine musical elements. The album was created with her regular bandmates Torsten Füchsel (Herbst in Peking, Me to my Wall) and Illia Vovk (Nights Out) and Guy Sternberg (Kings of Convenience, Zweiraumwohnung, Feist, Giant Sand). She had previously worked with Sternberg on the singles LoveLife and Low Swing.

“We live in an anxious world,” ANIQO says. “Insecurity and control prevents surrender and letting go – and thus we stand in the way of ourselves too often and the life we actually want to live. That’s what the song is about – it’s about the freedom to create your own happiness – it’s there when we take the leap into the unknown.”

ANIQO recorded her first songs in Los Angeles in 2017 with producer and musician Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line), which also brought her first international attention.

The artist has been making music and writing poems since her early teens. After studying literature and music, she felt like she needed to further pursue her career as an artist, implementing the recommendations her former teachers gave her: “I recognized how important the breath is – for music and for life.”

The first official singles were released via Berlin-based UK label Duchess Box Records in 2019.

Watch the compelling and surreal video for Must Surrender below:

Follow ANIQO:

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