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The Lickerish Quartet – Threesome Vol. 2 EP

One of the pleasant surprises from 2020 was the release of the Threesome, Vol. 1 EP from The Lickerish Quartet, the group comprised of former Jellyfish members, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Tim Smith, and Eric Dover. The EP released only back in May was a surprise hit among former Jellyfish fans and prog fans alike. Now the group return with Vol.2. The collection once again is made up of only 4 songs, part of the groups plan to introduce new music periodically rather than an album all at once.

The EP begins with the 60s psychedelia of “Do You Feel Better”. The song is a perfect continuation of the stylistic approach the band took with the first EP, lots of acoustic guitars and harmonies. This would feel right at home on an ELO record. This is followed by the upbeat pop of “Sovereignty Blues”, a catchy song that will have you singing the ending chorus all around the house. This is a feel good song to help overcome 2020 and possibly 2021.

“The Dream That Took Me Over” finds the group nearly venturing into funk or disco with a danceable groove and driving bass line. This is possibly the groups most commercial song if there was one. It is nevertheless outstanding and one of my favorites they have recorded. The EP closes out with the power pop of the absurdly titled “Snollygoster Goon.” This is a raucous jam with noisy guitars and frantic playing, but a perfect way to close out the collection, which at just 15 minutes takes the listener everywhere.

The Lickerish Quartet continue to prove they are a necessary group and this EP has built up anticipation for Vol. 3 which hopefully won’t be too far off. Threesome Vol. 2 is a lot of fun and great way to kick of 2021.

Released on Jan 8, 2021


1. Do You Feel Better (5:05)
2. Sovereignty Blues (3:51)
3. The Dream That Took Me Over (4:40)
4. Snollygoster Goon (3:16)

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – Keyboards, Vocals
Eric Dover – Guitars, Vocals
Tim Smith – Bass, Vocals

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The Lickerish Quartet announce new Threesome Vol. 2 EP; new single “Snollygoster Goon”

THE LICKERISH QUARTET,  ex-Jellyfish members Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Tim Smith, and Eric Dover are back with the new THREESOME VOL. 2 EP, and have just released the first single titled “Snollygoster Goon.”

The new EP will be released January 8, 2021 via Stranger Danger Records and Tapes. Pre-orders will be available starting Friday, December 4 here. The first single and video, “Snollygoster Goon,” can be seen here:


In addition to the new music, THE LICKERISH QUARTET is offering unprecedented access to the band thanks to a plethora of exciting “Experiences,” which will be available for purchase on their official website. These exclusive offers include: “Perform / Record On Your Song,” “Co-Write a Song With Us,” “Video Chat,” “Music Lesson,” and many others.

It’s the follow-up to their debut EP, THREESOME VOL. 1, lauded by critics as “a masterpiece” which was released May 15, 2020 via The Lickerish Quartet/Label Logic, as distributed by Ingrooves and can be purchased and streamed on all digital outlets.

With song titles like “Snolllygoster Goon,” “The Dream That Took Me Over,” “Sovereignty Blues,” and “Do You Feel Better?” Manning, Smith, and Dover’s undeniable chemistry can once again be found throughout THREESOME VOL. 2. The songs formed from the same sessions that begun in 2017 offer a slinky and feisty landscape of temptation, freedom of thought, hope and dreams, and a shout out to all who game the systems. An edgy second round of soaring vocals, angular guitars, and pulsing drums, enveloped by timeless keyboard arrangements requires multiple listens to appreciate fully. Manning, Dover and Smith ruminate on these new songs:

“Do You Feel Better?” as told by Tim Smith:

A romp along the primrose path of temptations, internal and external, real or imagined, the tiny demons we dance with throughout our lives.
A pulsing bass and hypnotic guitar rhythm plays like the backing band to a striptease you’ve sneaked into, and don’t know where to sit, but all are welcome!
Some things are more dangerous than others, of course, but this song is sort of a combination of letting your guard down, because of preconceived notions of what’s right or wrong, and justification of actions you think you understand to have under control. Who knows?
Experiences do give us perspective, and this song tries to play between the id and superego–a Screwtape letter demon, and an Angel of Mercy.

“Sovereignty Blues” as told by Roger Joseph Manning Jr.:

“Fears fire’s all they’re fanning, but I won’t light up their fuse.” A tale as old as humanity. Group control over another through the tried and true tactic of fear. And always partnered with a fatal dose of “divide and conquer.” But who’s actually pulling the levers and pushing the buttons of the propaganda machine behind the Wizard of Oz’ curtain of crowd control, so to speak? Irrelevant. Ultimately, the perennial question for any person, provided they value sovereignty above all else, is: am I going to choose love over fear, peace over chaos, and God over the ego in any given moment? Everything can be taken from a man but one thing (to quote Viktor Frankl): “The last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” And with that in mind, grab a torch, march to your own drum, and sing along!

“The Dream That Took Me Over” as told by Eric Dover:

You are driving without a destination lured by the wanderlust of your own making. You turn up the stereo volume and continue along, moonlight reflecting off the chrome of your vehicle.
We invite you to put the top down and take a ride into the inner dialectic of our conflicted protagonist as we answer the question: Is there equilibrium in the chaos or does science hold the key?

“Snollygoster Goon” as told by Eric Dover:

A frenetic forensic foray into classic old as civilization themes involving
greed, graft and corruption as applied to any political sphere.
The music is Adderall based in theory to reflect the absolute
breakneck speed at which the corruption flourishes. The snake oil salesman kissing babies, the saccharine unimaginative public image.

The first single from THREESOME VOL. 1, “Lighthouse Spaceship,” has had nearly 50,000 plays on Spotify since its release in March. Lyric videos for “Lighthouse Spaceship” and “Fadoodle,” as well as an acoustic performance video for “There Is a Magic Number,” can be seen on the band’s official YouTube page.

Rave reviews emerged about THREESOME VOL. 1 since before its release. hailed, “Fans of both Jellyfish and Imperial Drag will rejoice at the Quartet’s sound. There are doses of XTC/Queen/ELO-style harmonic structures, flirtations with progressive and psychedelic rock, and tasteful but deeply impressive musicianship.” While the Minneapolis Star-Tribune declared, “If you love the harmonies of Queen, the songwriting of Brian Wilson and the lushness of Borns, (‘Lighthouse Spaceship’) is a must-add to your playlist.” The Day (CT) proclaimed, “This mini-masterpiece offers the same joy-crafted recipe fans loved about the ’90s-era band (Jellyfish): Four sugar-packed tunes of Queenisms, lick-the-spoon Wings frosting, wry Fountains of Waynery, and a quick waterside through Brian Wilson’s acid-period brain.” And concluded, ““…these tracks are dreamy good! The songs cover a variety of classic pop styles from a time when you didn’t have to clarify that pop was actually a form of rock music, with a heavy dose of ‘70s vibe and incredible vocal harmonies draped over jangly electric guitars, folky acoustics, vintage keyboards, and bass grooves that can only be called… exceptional.”

Proclaims Tim Smith, “THREESOME VOL. 2 finds our threesome in fine form, with four new songs to get you through COVID times and beyond!”

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