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Dennis Bovell and Skin awarded OBE’s

The annual parade of gongs is not something we peruse often but this year through up some great curveballs. We still feel conflicted about anything with the word ’empire’ in it, not least because there is actually no such thing and we have long supported the idea of a generic citizen’s medal as it’s great that people get awarded for their good work.

This year, though, we are cheering the gongs awarded to the charismatic Skunk Anansie singer skin and the producer of The Slits, writer of the brilliant Janey Kay’s 1976 hit Silly Games and all-round dub producer genius Dennis Bovell…

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Record Store Day 2021: The new Expanded Face Dances is out today!

This year’s release from The Who for Record Store Day 2021 is an expanded two LP set of their 1981 album Face Dances celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021. LP1 is the original album with its nine tracks. LP2, entitled Face Dances Part 3 has another nine tracks. The 2LP set was mastered by Jon Astley at Close To the Edge and cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road.

LP1: The Original Album

Side One:
1. You Better You Bet
2. Don’t Let Go The Coat
3. Cache Cache
4. The Quiet One
5. Did You Steal My Money

Side Two
1. How Can You Do It Alone
2. Daily Records
3. You
4. Another Tricky Day

LP2: Face Dances Part 3

Side 3 
1. I Like Nightmares
2. It’s In You
3. Somebody Saved Me
4. Dance It Away (previously unreleased) with Roger on lead vocals
5. Don’t Let Go The Coat (previously unreleased) with Pete on lead vocals

Side 4 All tracks live at Grugahalle, Essen, 28 March 1981 and broadcast live for Rockpalast
1. Don’t Let Go The Coat (previously unreleased)
2. You Better You Bet (previously unreleased)
3. The Quiet One (previously unreleased)
4. Another Tricky Day (previously unreleased)

The album cover features the original Peter Blake design front and back. LP1 is on bright blue heavyweight vinyl with coloured labels and LP2 is on bright yellow heavyweight vinyl with coloured labels. In addition there are four 12″ x 12″ fine art prints included in the package with four portraits on each print.

To find your local participating store just follow the links . . .

Record Store Day UK

Record Store Day US

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SOMEWHERE International Music Festival will return SEPTEMBER 10 nights in London

SOMEWHERE International Music Festival will return SEPTEMBER 10 nights –  Line-Up to be announced soon…

Pre pandemic the SOMEWHERE music festival was making a name for itself with its innovative forward-thinking events. Presenting the like of Peter Doherty and Carl Barret on stage in front of a thousand candles or other solid out themed events.

They have just announced that they will return for a ten-night run in London with the full like up to be announced on July 17th
and update every two week from their Somewhere Club website. 
The Japanese based promoters are determined to create special events that take live music into new multimedia platforms.

SOMEWHERE, which launched in Tokyo in April 2019, with performances from Phoenix, JUSTICE, Carl Barât, Friendly Fires and Basement Jaxx, took up residence at London’s Hackney Empire in September 2019 with critically acclaimed shows headlined by Peter Doherty and Carl Barât on one night and Spiritualised on another. Each band played on a stage lined with a thousand candles that enhanced their songs and the atmosphere of the events with a unique theatrical backdrop.They will soon be announcing the line-up for August – September 2021.


SOMEWHERE brings unique performances at special venues around the world with distinctive staging and the backdrop of their trademark 1001 candles. Having already received great acclaim in Japan, the London event was the first international appearance of SOMEWHERE. The events are all about creating a magical experience in a stunning series of events that reinvent live performance and bring out new textures, sounds and depths to the musicians and their music.


SOMEWHERE first promoted the 2017 Massive Attack tour of Japan that saw the legendary Bristol band citing it their favourite ever tour. They also brought Sofia Coppola to Somewhere festival in Tokyo in 2019 and plan to bring Massive Attack back to the Japanese capital this year for two very special shows at the Tokyo International Forum.


The plan is to take these events and concerts to major cities around the world like Paris, New York, Berlin and Moscow playing special venues like classic Art Deco theatres with over 100 years history. Places where the likes of Harry Houdini, Charlie Chaplin and Louis Armstrong once performed but with a 21st century twist and a lineup of key game changing musicians representing these times in ways you have never seen before.


Hot Zipang Inc (representative director: Mars Umemura ; headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; hereinafter: HZC ), which operates musician fan sites, and the artistic direction agency Fiveman Army Inc. (representative director: Takashi Yano) will announce the launch of the “SOMEWHERE Club,” a monthly subscription service which will soon be ramping up distribution of content from SOMEWHERE International Music Festival events, including exclusive live footage, documentaries and backstage footage, based on the theme of “providing a fresh and unique experience that uncovers the true art and soul of the music of the artists.” SOMEWHERE Club

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Leslie Hunt premieres video for “There You Are” from upcoming EP ‘Ascend’

The Prog Report is pleased to premiere the video for “There You Are”, the brand new video from LESLIE HUNT, ex. American Idol finalist & District 97 lead-singer. The track is taken from her upcoming 7 track EP titled ‘Ascend’.

” ‘There You Are’ is a song about accountability that playfully points out how we all love to play the victim from time to time when things aren’t working out,” says Leslie Hunt. “I wanted to do a video where I could rock because I missed rocking out so very much when people stopped gathering in groups. A lot of my solo material thus far has not rocked as hard as this song does so I wanted to share the not-so-soft side of myself as a singer/songwriter.”

Leslie also offers insight to her video attire, “I decided to wear a BLM t-shirt in the video because it’s one of the biggest movements of my lifetime so far and I want to keep doing whatever I can to continue the dialogue and self-reflection.”

Watch the video here:


“Ascend” offers seven superbly crafted songs each one displaying an honesty & grace mixed with an impassioned beauty and marks Part One of a 2-EP Set with a further 7-Track CD EP titled “Descend” to be released in September.

Leslie Hunt began her musical career at the tender age of four, playing piano and singing around her hometown of Chicago. Over the years, Leslie has performed on many stages in various roles, developing as a performer and gaining critical acclaim throughout the process. Many will remember Leslie from her appearance and relative success in the singing competition, American Idol, where she progressed into the Top Twenty Female Vocalists during Season 6 of the popular TV show in 2007. Since then, Leslie has continued not only as a solo artist with the release of three albums, “From The Strange To A Stranger” (2006), “Your Hair Is On Fire” (2009) & “Wait For It” (2012), but also as lead vocalist and songwriter for the exploratory Progressive Rock band, District 97.

The captivating rise of Leslie Hunt now continues with the release of “Ascend”, her latest solo EP. A collection of seven exquisite new songs, each one brilliantly written and performed, displaying an honesty and grace mixed with an impassioned beauty. Seven gorgeous and affecting reflections on how we’ve all no doubt felt about love and life at some point in our lives, captured and expertly shaped in the hands of this studied artist.

Whether it is a cheerful, hook-heavy pop tune about love or a dark and insightful ballad of self-discovery, Leslie Hunt’s music is a window into her soul for any listener willing to look.

Track Listing:


Released June 25, 2021 on Spirit Of Unicorn Music

To pre-order:

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McStine & Minnemann announce live show with Nick D’Virgilio

McStine & Minnemann  the duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance) and Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) – will join forces with Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train) as a trio to play a live show together as McStine & Minnemann & D’Virgilio at ProgStock, on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, in Rahway, NJ. A short music video of the trio announcing the performance can be seen below.

“Good and rewarding news! It feels great not only seeing our new McStine & Minnemann material coming to life and receiving such a warm welcome in the music world, but furthermore, now being joined by our dear friend and fellow multi-instrumentalist/composer, Nick D’Virgilio,” says Minnemann.

D’Virgilio adds, “I am super excited about sharing the stage with two men I consider to be musical superpowers. Not only will this be fun, but super challenging as well, and I love when those two things come together. For those that get the chance to witness this special event, it will be something really special. I can’t wait!!!”

While it currently remains a bit of a mystery as to what material the trio will play, fans of both McStine & Minnemann and Nick D’Virgilio will note that they each released albums in 2020 – McStine & Minnemann, McStine & Minnemann – II, and Nick D’Virgilio – Invisible – which highlight their distinct expressions as vocalists, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. Minnemann says, “Yes, we will be swapping around instruments and a double drum thing might happen, too. What a cool band! Let’s see what we will come up with…”.

The upcoming performance will be their first time together as a unit, but the connection between Marco Minnemann, Nick D’Virgilio, and Randy McStine has deep roots within a diverse family tree of musicians. Sprawled over decades, they have crossed paths with a multitude of artists in different genres, many of which eventually brought them in direct collaborations with each other.

“A condensed history is something like this…”, McStine begins to explain. “My musical and personal bond with Nick (D’Virgilio) started with my first album under the name Lo-Fi Resistance in 2009. Lo-Fi Resistance caught the attention of Dave Kerzner (Sound Of Contact), which led to Dave and I working together on a record and a bunch of things through the years. One of those projects, In Continuum, featured Marco (Minnemann), Nick, and myself extensively on the recordings. I didn’t know Marco personally at that point, but the opportunity for In Continuum to play a live gig put the two of us in a rehearsal room and on a stage together for the first time in October 2018. That gig was at ProgStock, which is the very festival where our duo, McStine & Minnemann, will expand and debut as a trio with Nick!”

ProgStock, the American Northeast’s Only International Progressive Rock Festival, returns to the stage for its fifth straight year, October 1st through October 3rd, 2021 at Hamilton Stage at UCPAC in Rahway, NJ. Details about the festival (including a live-streaming option for the performance) can be found at

Randy McStine recently joined Roie Avin and Geoff Bailie on The Prog Report podcast discussing the Ultimate Pink Floyd Album which you can check out here.

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Dream Theater’s James LaBrie joins Falset for cover of Motley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart”

Canadian rock group Falset have joined with legendary Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie to record a blistering cover of the Motley Crüe classic “Kickstart My Heart.” You can hear the track here:


“To cover Mötley Crüe’s ‘Kickstart My Heart’ with Falset was both a blast and reminiscent of when I was in a band called Shock Candy back in 86’. Shock Candy was a Mötley Crüe cover band and I had one hell of time touring with this band. Needless to say when asked to be involved and sing this Mötley classic with Falset I jumped at the opportunity.

The Crüe was always to me that raw, down to earth, kick-ass Rock band that many acts wish they could imitate and attain but such heights were enjoyed by very few and the Crüe did it and played it like no other.

Hope you all enjoy this cover by Falset and myself and do yourself a huge favor and check out Falset’s originals. This band has it all going on, great structure, killer riffs and undeniable hooks. They are an undeniable emerging musical force to be reckoned with.

Crank this tune up to maximum and see you all out on tour sometime soon.”
~ James LaBrie

“I remember as a kid I’d always look up to my dad. I thought being in a band and travelling around the world to play songs was the coolest job ever. I still think that. Flash-forward to now and we are now dropping a song together… it’s absolutely crazy. We all had a lot of fun working on this one. We hope you enjoy this homage to the great Mötley Crüe.”
~Chance LaBrie

Falset released their debut album ‘We Follow or Lead the Way’ in October 2020.  Produced by Zach Copeland and mixed by Nolly Getgood (Periphery, Devin Townsend), ‘We Follow or Lead the Way’ combines metalcore, modern rock, djent, and prog elements highlighted by heavy-hitting breakdowns, soaring melodic vocals, and virtuosic guitar solos for a collection of exciting and memorable material.

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Big Big Train release new instrumental single ‘Apollo’

“Apollo” is the second track to be taken from Big Big Train’s forthcoming album ‘Common Ground’ due out on July 30th, 2021 on English Electric Recordings. The new album, recorded during the worldwide pandemic, sees the band continue their tradition of dramatic narratives but also tackles issues much closer to home, such as the Covid lockdowns, the separation of loved ones, the passage of time, deaths of people close to the band and the hope that springs from a new love.

“Apollo” is a seven-minute plus instrumental written by Big Big Train drummer Nick D’Virgilio and will be an undoubted highlight when the band tour in 2022. “When the time came to start coming up with ideas for the next BBT album, I felt very strongly that we should include a quintessential instrumental track. I wanted to write the band’s version of Genesis’s Los Endos and to make a track that really showed off the talent of all the amazing musicians in this band. I knew that the team could totally play anything I threw at them, and boy, did they prove me right! I thought about the unique instrumentation of BBT. We have so many wonderful ‘voices’ to play with and I wanted every one of them in this song. In the big end bit, I can totally envisage the crowd with their hands in the air going back n forth, all of the lights and haze on the stage, the band just absolutely slamming, the crowd singing along with the melody the BBT brass ensemble is playing, until we reach a glorious end.”

Watch the video for “Apollo” here:


1. The Strangest Times
2. All The Love We Can Give
3. Black With Ink
4. Dandelion Clock
5. Headwaters
6. Apollo
7. Common Ground
8. Atlantic Cable
9. Endnotes

‘Common Ground’ is available for pre-order now as Double Vinyl, CD, and Bandcamp Download at these sites:



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Devin Townsend announces new European ‘Lightwork Tour’; new studio album to be released in the spring of 2022

After a long time shuffling his feet, desperately waiting to get back on the road, Devin Townsend is very excited to announce his first new tour in support of the forthcoming album ‘Lightwork’, due to be released in Spring 2022. Devin has started recording with GGGarth Richardson at his The Farm Studios in Vancouver BC.

Tickets for the “Lightwork Tour 2022” will go on sale Monday, June 14th, 11am CET and can be ordered at:

The following dates are scheduled with more shows to be announced in due time:

13.04.2022 (IE) Dublin, Olympia
19.04.2022 (FR) Lille, Le Splendid
20.04.2022 – (BE) Brussels, AB
21.04.2022 – (DE) Frankfurt, Batschkapp
22.04.2022 – (DE) Cologne, Carlswerk Victoria
23.04.2022 – (FR) Paris, L’Olympia
25.04.2022 – (DE) Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
26.04.2022 – (FR) Clermont Ferrand, La Cooperative De Mai
27.04.2022 – (FR) Toulouse, Le Bikini
29.04.2022 – (PT) Lisbon, Cineteatro
30.04.2022 – (ES) Madrid, La Riviera

01.05.2022 – (ES) Barcelona, Razzmatazz 1
03.05.2022 – (FR) Marseille, Le Moulin
04.05.2022 – (IT) Milan, Live Club
06.05.2022 – (AT) Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm
07.05.2022 – (DE) Munich, Backstage Werk
08.05.2022 – (CH) Zurich, X-Tra
10.05.2022 – (DE) Leipzig, Werk 2
12.05.2022 – (DK) Copenhagen, Amager Bio
13.05.2022 – (SE) Gothenburg, Pustervik
14.05.2022 – (NO) Oslo, Sentrum Scene
16.05.2022 – (SE) Stockholm, Cirkus

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Ghost Hounds release “Between Me and the Devil” lyric video

Ghost Hands have released a lyric video for their new single, “Between Me and the Devil.”

Ghost Hounds, a rock ‘n’ blues band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, are the brain child of rhythm guitarist Thomas Tull. The band’s classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar tunes are the result of both Tull and Brooklyn native guitarist Johnny Baab, while the driving forces on bass, drums, and keys are Bennett Miller, Blaise Lanzetta, and Joe Munroe respectively. Fronted by lead singer, Tré Nation, whose voice was simply made for rock.

Ghost Hounds are a modern day rock band that plays blues inspired rock in such a way that proves that rock is not only alive, but thriving
for the next generation of rock fans. Ghost Hounds have spent the last year gearing up for what is sure to be a summer to be remember as far as rock goes. Following up their 2019 album, Roses are Black, is a new live album, Ghost Hounds Live, out now. Each track on the album was recorded during the summer of 2019 while on tour with The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and Bob Seger.

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Southern Avenue announces “Be The Love You Want”

(Memphis, TN) – Memphis soul powerhouse Southern Avenue has announced the release of their third full-length album. BE THE LOVE YOU WANT was produced by multi-GRAMMY® winner, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Deer Tick, Susan Tedeschi, Jackie Greene), and co-produced by Ori Naftaly. The album, arriving via Renew Records/BMG on August 27, 2021, is preceded by today’s release of the sultry first single, “Push Now,” available at all DSPs and streaming services. Album pre-orders are available now.

”We’re so excited to kick off the summer with ‘Push Now,’” says Southern Avenue frontwoman and the song’s co-writer, Tierinii Jackson. “It’s for every wild heart out there willing to fight to create their own opportunities, instead of riding the wave of life’s circumstances. We hope this song gets you hyped, and ready to take on everything the universe throws at you!”

BE THE LOVE YOU WANT is Southern Avenue’s most ingenious and personal effort thus far. Since their inception, the band has produced a wide-ranging collection of original music – predominantly co-written by Israeli-born guitarist Ori Naftaly and powerhouse lead vocalist Tierinii Jackson – that links them to their home city’s glorious past while at the same time, demonstrates their ambitious intent to evolve Memphis music to contemporary effect.

BE THE LOVE YOU WANT sees Southern Avenue teaming up with artists like multi-GRAMMY® award-winning pop superstar Jason Mraz and certified Platinum producer Michael Goldwasser from Easy Star All-Stars on “Move Into The Light” for a churning, funk-blasted burner. Besides writing with him on the first single, the band also collaborated with Cody Dickinson from North Mississippi Allstars for the song “Heathen Hearts.” The songwriting core grew within the band as well, as drummer Tikyra Jackson and bassist Evan Sarver collaborated to co-write “Let’s Get It Together” and “Pressure.”

The band brilliantly bridges the power of Memphis soul with jamband liberation, gospel blues, and R&B to craft their own timeless brand of American music. The ambitious sonic approach expertly complements BE THE LOVE YOU WANT’s rich themes of self-love, self-empowerment, personal accountability and the desire to push through towards something greater in life.

Southern Avenue is:
Tierinii Jackson – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals * Ori Naftaly – Guitars *
Tikyra Jackson – Drums, Background Vocals * Jeremy Powell – Keys * Evan Sarver – Bass

6/12 @ Riverfront Nights | Chattanooga, TN
6/27 @ Levitt Pavillion | Arlington, TX
7/2 @ Rural Hill Nature Preserve | Huntersville, NC w/ JJ Grey & Mofro
7/3 @ Iroquois Amphitheater | Louisville, KY w/ JJ Grey & Mofro
7/21 @ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park | Rochester, MN
7/22 @ Music at the Meridian | Yankton, SD
7/23 @ Levitt at the Falls | Sioux Falls, SD
7/24 @ Holland Center | Omaha, NE
8/19 @ Brooklyn Bowl | Nashville, TN w/ Maggie Rose
8/21 @ Summer Camp Music Festival | Chillicothe, IL
8/27 @ Performance Pavilion at Sweetwater | Fort Wayne, IN w/ Samantha Fish
8/28 @ Levitt Pavilion | Dayton, OH
8/29 @ Railbird Music Festival | Lexington, KY
9/10 & 11 @ Big Blues Bender | Las Vegas, NV
9/18 @ Shipyard Festival | Cape Girardeau, MO
9/26 @ Roots N Blues Festival | Columbia, MO
10/1 @ Mempho Festival | Memphis, TN
10/8 @ Clay Center for the Arts | Charleston, WV
1/22 – 26 @ Panic en la Playa | Riviera Maya, Mexico
1/29 – 2/5 @ Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise | Eastern Caribbean

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