Bullet For My Valentine are extending their range of mead with a new spiced Venom drink.

The Welsh metal titans unveiled a honey mead titled Waking The Demon last year, and have now ventured into more festive terrains with a drink that has rich honey notes and a unique spice blend combine for a warm, lingering finish”, and can be consumed hot or cold.

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Read this: BFMV’s Matt Tuck:​“This was never given to us. We worked our arses off”

Of course, as well as dabbling in alcoholic beverages, Bullet have been thinking about a new record this year, too.


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Earlier in 2020, guitarist Michael Padge’ Paget revealed that the group would hit the studio this year to start work on album number seven, telling The Ex-Man podcast that they were 85 per cent” done writing.

It’s heavy as fuck – it’s, like, the heaviest Bullet stuff you’ve ever heard, which is cool,” he teased. Everyone’s vibing. [Frontman Matt Tuck is] cool. I’m cool. The [rest of the] boys are cool. It’s just we need to get out of this [pandemic] situation we’re in so that music carries on and we can put on shows again. Same as everybody else that’s in the same situation.”

Watch this space, then…

Posted on December 14th 2020, 5:31p.m.

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