ANDY TAYLOR – Nobody’s Business (2020)

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The mythical lost Andy Taylor album is upon us! The man responsible for one of melodic rock’s most beloved albums, his 1987 solo debut ‘Thunder’, recorded another album the following year, but it was shelved for the usual music industry reasons. And it vanished, only to be mentioned by Andy in passing in his Autobiography and once to me in an interview I did with him.

Until now! Original tapes of the album were purchased by the Duran Duran fanclub, an organisation that have previously issued some pretty amazing stuff for collector fans of that band.

Their latest offering is this ‘lost’ album – in two formats no less – regular 11 track version as intended to be released in 1989 and a Ltd Collector’s Edition with a bonus disc of another 10 tracks from the various album sessions. To call this a holy grail find for fans of Taylor is no understatement.

So what exactly is Andy TaylorNobody’s Business’ and what does it sound like. And what of these bonus tracks?

First – to those looking for ‘Thunder Part 2’ – this isn’t it. That was a one and done album and a collaboration between Andy and Steve Jones. Both had equal influence over the much-loved sound and style (see Jones’ solo album ‘Mercy’ for another example), but Andy quickly moved on.

I, like many others I’m sure, have always been shocked by the style difference between ‘Thunder’ and Andy’s ‘official’ second album, the far grittier covers album ‘Dangerous’. Well, now we have the missing piece to explain that jump.

Take ‘Thunder’ and ‘Dangerous’ (guitar style and approach) and mix in Andy’s 1988 work with Rod Stewart on his classic ‘Out Of Order’ album (the pair wrote, recorded and produced 6 of the album’s tracks) and you get a fair idea of what ‘Nobody’s Business’ is all about.

If you are familiar with Andy’s Dead On The Money soundtrack cut, that’s another fair representation of what’s happening here.

It’s pure Andy Taylor!

Try A Little Love, Who You Foolin Jimmy Boy, Sarah, Ring Ma Belle and all good straight up rock tracks.

Rock On was shite when it was first written, was shite When Def Leppard recorded it and remains shite now because Andy’s misses the opportunity to really rock it up.

Nobody’s Business is Andy’s equivalent of Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love.

Mission Of Mercy is a bluesy rocker that wouldn’t sound of out place on Rod’s album.

The mid-tempo blues hard rock of Do Anything That You Want has a strong Thunder (the band) feel to it, but is a filler for me.

She Was Mine is a bluesy acoustic ballad with a lot of soul, which runs into the ultra-slick blues of Winner With You (also previously released).
Dead On The Money closes things out as they began and as I prefer Andy to be  – hard and heavy.

The bonus disc has some worthy additional material –

Secret Life Of An Ordinary Man is a cool gritty rocker with a smooth chorus.

Thrill Of It All is the pick of the whole album as far as ballads go. Acoustic guitar and vocal only.

Be Good To Yourself is pure Rod Steward ‘Out Of Order’ rockingness.

Tough Love is a grower, a moody rocker delivering some more slick guitar work.

Hollywood Sign is a bit cheesy, but still rocks along nicely.

Take A Look At Yourself is hard and slow. Great riffs, but maybe too slow.

You Can’t Do That is another rocked up Andy Taylor classic cover. It’s raw and live in the studio, but packs the kind of punch Rock On should have.

One Shot is a classy instrumental that would sit alongside Angel Eyes or Take It Easy and is the first of 3 instrumentals to round out this collection.

Assisting Andy in the creation of this body of work is none other than the great Bernie Marden, Micky Moody, Bernard Edwards, Kevin Savigar and Tony Thompson. How is that for a kick ass band!!

Songs written by Andy on his own and with BA Robertson and Bernie Marsden.

Utterly essential for any fan of Andy over the years and one of the few holy grail unreleased albums left untouched over the years. The style and production vary a little, but mostly come up winners.

My heart wanted a ‘100’, I expected a 70 or 80 and got a 90, so for that I’m very pleased and recommend the Special Edition to gather all the tracks.

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