Album Review: Zero Theorem- The Killing II EP


Los Angeles based Zero Theorem is back at it again, this time releasing their third EP The Killing II on 1/22/2021.  The Killing II is the follow up to 2020’s The Killing I EP and 2018’s Ataraxis.  They have released the new EP and also a new focus track and video, “Joke”.   The Killing II EP opens with “Translucent” and an Industrial punch to the face that sets a musical style to the EP but certainly does not set the tone.  The five tracks on The Killing II EP are five unique styles that shows Zero Theorem’s diversity in their music and shows that they can not and should not be pigeon-holed in to one classification of music.  With a blend of Alt. Metal tinged with electronica, Sci Fi imagery and elements of Hard Rock, Zero Theorem and The Killing II EP takes their brand of music and touches on aspects of the real world that we are living in today.  Everything from the good ole keyboard warrior to vast popularity of social media and cyberspace growing and taking over our lives.  Zero Theorem had  planned on touring with Fozzy in 2020 for the release of The Killing I EP.  […]

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