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ALBUM REVIEW: Tomi Malm – Coming Home

Tomi Malm - Coming Home


Lounge fights with elevator music for dominance on the jazzy 70’s TV theme tune that is the instrumental ‘Second Wave’ – the opening track  on Tomi Malm’s new ‘Coming Home’ album. Three years after his debut we’re back with an album to please all those who love a little jazzy lounge and the lightest of touches. Don’t get me wrong there’s no rock here at all, and barely the whiff of a guitar.

‘Come Away’ featuring Bill Cantos that follows is pure West Coast; and ‘When You’re Gone’ ventures into Whitney Houston territory. This is easy listening for those who like it REALLLY easy listening. Ballads full of saccharin and soul that sound made for those Disney moments when either someone falls in love or dies…

Indeed this is is an album of music for another place and time and days long gone, black and white movies, style, grace and elegance drip from songs like ‘Without Saying a Word’ (Featuring Marilyn Scott) and whilst there are progressive moments like the instrumental ‘Solaris’ and the ten minute ‘Free Fall’ it’s otherwise slow and jazz all the way.

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Ironically the gentle guitar led ballad ‘Hearts in Phase’ which is pretty much add odds with the rest of the album is my highlight here. If you love it light this might be for you but for most I suspect it will be a step too far…


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