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ALBUM REVIEW: Steve Lee – The Eyes of a Tiger: In Memory of our Unforgotten Friend!


“For me, everything’s always been about making music and writing songs – but not to be famous. We’re just trying to find ourselves, after all.”  Steve Lee, 2010

For the 10th anniversary of Steve Lee’s passing, Gotthard honour their frontman with ‘The Eyes of a Tiger’ – a great collection of songs featuring Steve’s vocals on eleven stripped-down versions of classic songs from the catalogue as well as two unreleased tracks – including the eponymous ‘Eyes of a Tiger’ (both acoustically and electrically).

So here we are 10 years after the tragic accident on the road to Vegas that claimed Steve’s life with his vocals direct from the band’s archive. Tribute converts may be on hold due to Covid but this record is the most fitting tribute you could wish for.

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From the wonderful ‘One Life One Soul’ and the heartfelt ‘Let It Be’ through to the partially orchestrated take on the evergreen ‘Hush’ and the wonderful new track ‘Tarot Woman’ this is an album that really showcases the vocals of Steve Lee as it should and by the time you reach the end and the two versions of Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ you realise full well “This is a voice that can conquer the world.” Steve Lee you will be missed.



TRACKLISTING: One Life One Soul |Let It Be | In The Name | Lonely People | Heaven | Need To Believe | Lift U Up | Hush | First Time In A Long Time |Tarot Woman | And Then Goodbye | The Train |Eye Of The Tiger | BONUS TRACK: Eye Of The Tiger (Electric Version)

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