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ALBUM REVIEW: King King – Maverick


There’s probably not a better title for a song in the times we’re currently in that ‘Never Give Up’ and King King hit the spot nicely with a song about resolve with a bluesy swagger that reminds you of vintage Thunder. It’s a huge opener to open the new collection and the good news for fans is that the rest of the tracks that follow are of equal stature.

The breezier ‘Fire in My Soul’ that follows is a great counterpoint that ups the melody and lowers the blues to deliver a sure-footed melodic rocker that will sound particularly fine live; as will, I’ll wager, the defiantly titled yet mellow ‘Whatever It Takes to Survive’ which lingers with you far after the final note. It’s a great ballad.

King King is not a band afraid to mix it up either. There’s a soulful groove to ‘I Will Not Fall’ and the piano led ‘By Your Side’ could almost be accused of being a contemporary Pop ballad if it didn’t have a beating heart and wasn’t wearing its heart on its sleeve. ‘One World’ adds some Steve Winwood-style funk and has a wonderful subdued groove; and the mid-tempo ‘Everything Will be Alright’ rounds out a rather satisfying mid section where most bands would hide their filler. Rest assured there’s not a hint of that here.

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‘When My Winter Comes’ is another big hitter and my pick of some seriously good slower numbers here. it’s the sort of song that you feel like has been with you all your life and that’s probably one of the biggest compliments I can give. After that that wonderful track listing kicks in again as ‘Dance Together’ takes us back to the kind of groove we kicked off with. It’s another feel good rocker that doesn’t put a foot wrong.

That just leaves closing track, the seriously soulful ‘End of the Line’ – a beautiful song that underlines some of the themes of the album- the passage of time and cherishing what you have. It’s as good as anything else here and another that won’t let you go.

King King started off sounding great when I first heard them back in 2015 (I came to the party late with the band forming in Lincoln in 2008) and over the years they have just got better and better. As it stands in 2020 they are up there with the very best Rock bands in the UK.

One of the very best purchases you’ll make all year.


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