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ALBUM REVIEW: Brother Firetribe – Feel The Burn

Brother Firetribe - Feel The Burn


If you love big production, high energy, feel-good melodic rockers with the European vibe then this soaring release from the ever consistent Brother Firetribe will be high on your list of purchases this year.

Indeed it’s hard to think of a better one-two punch than the fired-up openers ‘I Salute You’ and ‘Arianne.’

The atmospheric, cinematic ‘Night Drive’ might be a bit lumbering and ‘Steinmanesque’ so soon but it’s huge chorus stops it getting too full of itself, whilst the clichéd lyrically ‘Chariot of Fire’ is a melodic revelation! Surely one of the songs of the year right here!

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The more circumspect mid-paced sing-along that is ‘Bring on the Rain’ is another revelation that will have you singing along before the second chorus! Man this is good.

The frightening thing is that ‘Love is Beautiful’ the first real slow moment is only the half-way point! ‘Ticking Away’ ups the ante a little but we’re still subdued. Honestly both are great songs but I find myself already yearning for more of that real energy! That still doesn’t come as the almost Euro-Pop beat of ‘Battleground’ follows its an interesting song but not really my cup of tea, a little too ‘dance’ for me.

We close out with two of my favourites – the muscular ‘Candle in the Window’ which has a life of its own and a real brooding power and the soaring ‘Rock in the City’ another moment made to explode in the live setting!

Firetribe never disappoint and this is right up there with their best!

8.5 / 10


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